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Thread: Knee Surgery Nightmare

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    Hi Clara

    Just wanted to say I wish you & your daughter well.

    I don't know anything about it. I know I lose it though when my kid has so much as a bug bite. (not really but, ya know what I mean)

    take care and come back and let us know how she is!!

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    I don't have much to add.

    I tend to trust doctors and their opinions. I hate the thought of surgery though.
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    I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee at the same time about five years ago. Because the surgeon didn't check my knee while I was in surgery to fix my ankle (like he was supposed to), I had to wait for another six months to get my knee done. The kneecap was sitting on the side of my knee, so out of place that I couldn't even lift my foot off the floor. Because it had been that way for six months, the surgeon (a different one this time, thank goodness), had to cut all the ligaments and tendons to get it back in place, graft part of my femur to a different place, and stretch the tendons over it to keep my kneecap in place. He told me that he had never seen anything like it... I was in a plastic cast from my hip to my ankle for almost three months.

    I had knee problems all of my life. I can't say that my knee is back to normal, but I have full range of motion and can bend it to 90 degrees, which the doctor didn't think I'd be able to do. In my case, it was a situation where I had to have the surgery done.

    One of my coworkers has had arthroscopy done 6 times on the same knee, and each time has done wonders for her. Surgery is a personal decision, but for me, I wouldn't be walking today without it.

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    Thank you all so much for these advices and first hand experiences. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am leaning toward having the second surgery although she is already whining about having to "waste her summer on crutches while everyone else is going on the beach". We have not even considered having a second opinion, only because she is in so much agony right now, that I can't see how not having surgery will help her any. I think this is the only way to go. Thank you all so much! You have helped ease my mind more than you know!

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