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Thread: What kind of car do you drive?

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    Just bought this yesterday, its a 99 but got a great deal on it.

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    ok, I drive a 94 ford F150, long bed with crew cab pick up truck, licence plate says pupstruck, so you can guess why i bought it. I would like to drive a ford expedition and be able to afford the gas for it too.

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    Just like above, I also drive an Eclipse; only black. Picture this grandma with a car seat in the back while driving my little sports car. I do get double takes.

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    In a van down by the river!!!... watching the Canucks on my 3" TV

    '02 Cavalier
    except mine's silver
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    would you believe: an '02 protege. Bought it new, in cash, still looks good, just broke 10k miles on it (most of them in this last year). Does fine, but a little wimpy when lugging heavy cargo (can't do more than about 15 Concrete blocks without worrying about the suspension). Kinda like this but in a sandstone color.

    I'm also in the market for a Motorcycle.
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    I always drove sporty cars until after my daughter was born. I needed something that
    a) could cart my daughter and two monstrous dogs around
    b) have a large towing capacity
    c) be able to get up a very steep hill out in the county when ice is on it and
    d) be able to handle rough terrain

    So, I drive an
    AWD Mercury Moutaineer.

    Yes its a gas guzzler, but we are actually people that use our SUV for its intended purposes and had no choice but to drive one. I thought I would miss my last sports car quite a bit but I actually came to love driving the Mountaineer. It drives great and serves its purposes quite well.

    BTW-sen, if you're in the market for a motorcycle, look for a Honda if you actually want to ride it or buy a Harley if you're going for the look and don't mind towing it everywhere Seriously, though, my husband and I have owned several Honda's and have a special affinity for them.
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    I'm a Ford loyalist, even if it does stand for fix or repair daily. Seriously, I do find them very reliable, it's just that when they break, they break good! My first car was a 1984 White Ford Ranger (with Cadillac wreaths on it--just don't ask!). When it died (at 165000 miles, I might add), I drove a Ford Contour for a while before getting a 1997 Ford Ranger (beautiful red, sidestep manual). There was a Buick Skylark in there for a while, but I HATED that car. It overheated on any day ending in "y" and was noisier than a cat in heat.

    Anyway, right now my baby (Sonja, the red Ranger) in the shop (see thanksgiving thread) and I'm in a rental 2003 Chevy Silverado. I have to admit, I'm really liking it! I never thought I'd switch to Chevy, but this Silverado's almost gotten me sold! I won't be in the market for a couple more years, but I'll be seriously looking at a Silverado then.

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    Well, hubby isn't so Saturn loyal as I was, even though we were famous at the dealership for being the Saturn couple - we both had them when we met. When I bought my first VUE, he was jealous, since his Saturn coupe had been older than my sedan. So I told him to go get something of his own, and quit whining about it! (OK, not quite like that) So a week after I got mine, he went and bought a new Mustang convertible. It's great in nice weather to see and be seen, loud since he added something to the exhaust - I know nothing about it. But for long trips and comfort, we take the VUE. Plus, I have the XM radio, his seems to only get NPR when we're in range.
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    I drive a silver 2001 Honda CRV. I like it since it is big enough to haul stuff around and still have room for up to five people as well. It has been a great road trip vehicle, but it does lack a bit of oomph going up steep inclines. I like the fact that it is built on a car base, so it has the feel of driving a car, but has the look and cargo capacity of a small SUV.

    I bought my last car new and it was an 87 Honda Civic. It was 14 years old and still in pretty good shape when I decided to buy the CRV. The Civic needed a new AC, so I decided it was time to sell it. I hear it is still running the roads for its second owner. I am sold on Hondas as far as reliability and style. Hopefully my CRV will hold up as well as my Civic. It's nice to have a few driving years past car payments and before major upkeep and repairs kick in!

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    I have a 99 Honda Civic EX in silver. It has the sunroof and all that stuff and it is a very good car to drive in the city as well as in snow. Between my parents, siblings and I we have 5 Honda's and we're all sold on them. Reliable, safe, and nothing useless I don't need.
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