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Thread: What does my dream mean?

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    i want to fnd out what htis means....

    i dreamt of someone putting there hand under my shhet and dragging my feet out of the bed and tried to call out but the words wouldn't come out and i was shouting out in my sleep? what does this mean? can anyone help???

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    Dreamer 26

    i had a really scary dream.

    my family and iwent on vacation and my sister went with me to a canocert in our hotel. we were standing on a balcony and people were just throwing stuff to us, money cigarettes ect. and i said, we could jump off of here and probably not get hurt i think someone would catch us... she turned to me and said she wanted to go down there and check it out. i thought she would walk around but she just jumped. no one caught her she fell on the cement floor. the fire department guys rushed her to the hospital and i went to my friends house to wait for a call. my sister called my phone and told me to take care of mom. later on i found out she died on the way to the hospital. i fainted and woke up....

    what does my dream mean?

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    I did a lot of work with dreams at one point and it is really hard to decipher someone else's dreams out of context...are you concerned about your sister in real life? Is she making bad decisions or acting on advice that you gave her? Are either of you having some good fortune that you feel is not deserved (people throwing you money and cigarettes). What do you think the dream means? General symbolism is not as reliable as personal symbolism.

    My worst dream ever was when my son was little and had low impulse control. I dreamed I was walking with him and he saw his dad across the street and ran out to go to him and was hit by a big truck. It all happened right in front of me before I could do anything. It was very realistic and left me shaken all day. In the dream I sank to my knees sobbing - totally unable to move. I still shudder and that was 13 years ago.

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    I've got a weird one for someone to interpret. I was at a party and my husband (later ex) came to the door and said there was someone that wanted to talk to me. So I went out to the garage and it was my dad who had died 4 years earlier. I was overjoyed to talk to him and introduced him to my husband, and told him all the family stuff. I then took him into the house and we went around to all the family and they wouldn't talk to him at all. My mom and sisters would turn their back on us as we went around the room. We finally went back into the garage and he hugged me and said goodbye. I apologised to him for the rest of the family ignoring him and he said for me not to worry about it. Then I bit into a huge floating marshmallow and woke up (only to discover I was actually biting my husband's chest). I was also crying.

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    Simple - you feel that your family has all let your father go after his death but you're still holding on to him. (note, not a certified psychologist, etc, just an interpretation) Could also indicate some hostilities, feelings you have about your family maybe not remembering or mentioning your father as much any more, and of course your desire for your father to see and approve of your then current life/husband/family that you had.

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    Eye Wounds, Closets, Bats-1, Dreamer

    i'm a college-aged girl, and this is the second related dream i've had about my roommate this week.
    in the first dream, we were goofing around (rough housing, laughing, running around) in a department store or warehouse, and we didn't notice that the store had closed (and we were still there). i remember the staff growing impatient with us because they wanted to leave. then, i jokingly pushed her, and she ran into a wall, face first, and a sharp metal nail got lodged directly below her right eye. i held her, screaming.
    in this second dream i just had, she went to the closet to grab some clothes, and a bat flew down and attacked her, resulting in massive damage to her eye(s). i think there was blood coming from her eyes, but i can't remember. again, i ran over in panic to help.
    both times, something sharp in her eye(s), and me coming to help in a state of panic.
    something to do w/ her being blind to something, me wanting to help her see? i don't know...

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    Blondie, maybe there is something you don't want her to see? The first blindness being "caused" by you made me think of that. Maybe there is something you want to keep separate from her (causing her blindness), but deep down you think you want her insight after all (your panic?)

    Sheesh, I dunno...

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    Hey guys! I think this is a cool thread. I had two strange dreams in December of 2001. I dreamt them one after the other and I'm lucky to have remembered them up to this day. So tell me what you guys think.

    DREAM #27 (i think)
    The scenery was a graveyard. Everything was dead. The colors were very vibrant. The grass was bright green and there were three people in the graveyard, each of them wearing bright red shirts. The first was an old African American woman wearing a long red shirt and glasses and standing in the middle of a road going through the graveyard. She stood with a cane and was hunched over. A bright red car came zooming down the road and went through the woman as if she was transparent. The car continued to do this over and over again. The old woman eventually pointed to her grandson who was wearing a red shirt and had glasses on as well as a cast over his right arm. He had a crutch as well and was sort of dancing around a tombstone. He pointed to his sister, who, similarly was wearing glasses and a red shirt. She had a cast on her left leg and was limping up to a dead, lifeless tree. The only things that stood out was that it was nighttime and was dark and gloomy and the graveyard has very few graves. Also, significant colors were red, black, brown and green.

    DREAM #28
    The next night I had a dream that was interconnected to the first dream. It was very bright and the light was coming from a bright light in the center of the room. The room was an Emergency Room and there were several doctors with masks and goggles operating on a little baby. The baby was silent and fast asleep. He had large flaps of skin hanging off of his left leg and right arm. Also he had a large flap of skin hanging off of his chest. There was no blood around the wounds. The doctors all wielded tweezer-like instruments and were heavy into operating.

    So what does this all mean? Anybody wanna take a stab?

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    The Dream Thread

    This is a thread to discuss any weird/odd dreams or nightmares you've had.

    My most recent dream involved my sister yelling at me because I voted her out of Big Brother... lol

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    I have had some Kah-razy dreams.
    Last night I was flirting with Jason Flemyng
    I guess it was because we went to the drive in and watched Transporter 2.
    Course we also watched Just like Heaven.. So why could'nt I have been
    getting romantic with Mark Ruffalo
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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