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Thread: Reunions - High School or otherwise

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    Re: Reunions - High School or otherwise

    I had an issue with a girl from grade school (we graduated with folks we had known since kindergarten) and it was due to bullying on her part and her making friends of hers, not be friends with me. Yes, that is what it was or what I remembered. Anyway, she came in with her husband and sat alone with him. My twin sister and I had already talked to everyone, regardless of whether or not we had hung out with them or were in the band with us or in the NHS or in other club. My sister said, let's go say hi to her. I said, sure, let's go. So we chatted like nothing had ever been wrong between us. We all grow and change and no one can know everything about each other's lives, only what we choose to share so I'm sure there were times in her life that she thought back on grade school and high school, but you can't change the past, and you can't control what others do, only how you react to what is done or said. I guess I am babbling now but really wanted to defend the choice to go to the reunion, have a good time if only to eat, drink, and be festive...and then go back to your life. My sister and I want to get together with everyone before the next 10 years and I'm sure we will do that. We'll probably offer to have it in a bigger town that our home town so there will be more opportunities for people to get hotel rooms and meet at a restaurant or something like that. Thanks for letting me post.

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    Re: Reunions - High School or otherwise


    I dont think you need to defend your choice to go. I enjoyed all my reunions and I found that the later ones, everyone had grown up and were able to have fun and forget about the petty HS stuff.

    Everyone has different experiences in school which color our decisions to go back to reunions. I had a mixed HS experience, but I also knew just about everyone in my HS, so going to the reunions was fun because these were people I had gone to school with from kindergarten on up even though some of them were less than kind in HS. By our 20th reunion, everyone had pretty much gotten over HS and we could just hang out and have fun, even if we hadn't exactly been friends in HS.

    So I think you have every right to have enjoyed your reunion and you made a good decision for you to go.
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    Re: Reunions - High School or otherwise


    I'm glad that you decided to go to your reunion and found it liberating to come out to some of your friends and found them supportive. What a great feeling that must have been. Good for you for being courageous and for showing others who you are!

    I'm glad that your sister also had a good experience at her reunion; able to say what was on her mind for many years to certain folks, and to reunite with others that she could.

    PGM; I think everyone has the choice to go to their reunion or not. And it's good you went and enjoyed yours as well! I think the older we get, the better the reunion, as we have grown up in ways we couldn't have say, if it were only 5 or 10 years later. Time does show us what is important and what is not. Sometimes, people aren't affected by time and actually seem just the way they were 20 years ago or so. Oh well.
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    Re: Reunions - High School or otherwise

    Prior to my high school reunion a classmate of mine (and head administrator) of our reunion created a website for our class. I strongly encourage anyone in the process of planning a reunion to create a page for their class. It's free and extremely informative!

    It's not at all like Classmates.com...

    You can create your reunion page at Class Creator.com
    Check it out... you won't believe what it can do for you!
    To those who decide to take this route, please let me know what you think!

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