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Thread: Who Bugs the Hell out of you???

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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    Im copying Maveno and reviving some old threads...there are some good ones...(okay some are mine!

    Here is my current list of celebs or wannabe celebs that annoy...

    1. Trista and Ryan (a 4 million dollar wedding is obscene, they should be ashamed of themselves.)

    2. Britney (Marriage #1 down 6 more to go...)

    3. Heidi Klum (I know shes a Vicki Secrets girl but she is not attractive)

    4. Sheryl Crow (she dosent impress me at all)

    5. Jillian Barbarie (Can some tell her she's NOT 21?)
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    1. Amanda Bynes
    2. Hilary Duff
    3. Justin Guarini

    hmmmm....that's all I can think of. Maybe more will come to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    3. Heidi Klum (I know shes a Vicki Secrets girl but she is not attractive)
    That is the most shocking thing I have ever heard. She has to be one of the hottest women on the face of the planet.

    For me it is: Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Fefe Dobson

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    FORT Fogey
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    Um...Kelly Rippa in those stupid shampoo commercials! Justin Timberlake. Jessica Simpson. I know there's more....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    5. Jillian Barbarie (Can some tell her she's NOT 21?)

    . I can't stand her. She's definitely a candidate to be pushed down an empty elevator shaft.

    I have lots more. I'll figure out who bugs me the most and post them later. (actually it would be easier for me to post who doesn't bug me)
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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    Hmm....this is tough....I've probably had a better list of people I've met that I'd never invite....Celebs don't bother me too much...

    but in no particular order, my ten that I would never invite on purpose to my house:

    Mark Miller (from Sawyer Brown...can you say Jerk?)
    Kimberly Caldwell (she seems fake to me)
    Michael Jackson (One word...Ick!)
    Rachel and Veronica (from RW/RR The Gauntlet...they seemed too coniving for me to like)
    Corey Feldman (which is funny, because I had the celeb crush on him when I was a tweeny-bopper, but after seeing him on last season's SurReal Life, I wanted to smack myself)
    Trishelle (Real World Las Vegas and SurReal Life 2.....Silly Sluts, Southern or otherwise, I can do without at my dinner parties..)
    Britney Spears (she just tries to hard to be the next Madonna...please girl, be yourself)

    Hmmmm this is tougher than I thought....I can only come up with 8 names right now.....so, I'll add the other two when I discover them...

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    1. The Bachelor & What Have You Not - Irritating S**t on TV. (Just get lost out of my TV!)
    2. Teachers from Hell.
    3. News reporters

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    Okay, #9 Paris Hilton...

    #10 slot is still open......still thinking....

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    The new me! Feifer's Avatar
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    1 gilbert gottfried
    2 that freak on the jay leno show who does the special interviews with the annoying laugh/snarf thing. I think her name is stephenie?
    3 carrot top
    4 paris hilton
    5 nikki ritchie or whatever her name is
    6 cojo
    7 arsenio hall
    8 whitney houston(add for the dangers of drugs)
    9 howard stern
    10 johnny foreplay
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    ooh... good thread...
    although, i can't believe no one else listed my #1???

    1. angela lansbury - the woman just makes my toes curl...never even saw "beauty and the beast" because of her being the damn voice for the teapot or teacup or whatever.

    2. clint black - don't know why, just can't stand him.

    3. michael jackson - don't need to explain this one.

    4. hilary duff - like, i don't know, she like annoys me.

    5. anne heche - girl needs some serious therapy.

    6. celine dion - quite possibly, the ugliest woman ever.

    7. fran drescher - that voice!

    8. tony little - calm down, all ready. it's just exercise, for god's sake.

    9. richard simmons - too little, whiny, and all over the place - kind of like a chiuaua.

    10. not quite a person, but that damn oven mitt in the arby's commercials - he just creeps me out.

    and, there you have it.
    "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best .. "

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