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Thread: advice?

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    Stevie - I PMd you but thought I would post here for anyone else that might be interested as well.

    Anyone in the US can call 1800 SUICIDE and be connected to a crisis center near them. You don't have to be suicidal to talk to someone. There's also a crisis toll free number available to anyone: 1 800 999-9999. And if anyone has a cell phone with free long distance (or you don't mind paying) you can call Agora Crisis Center in NM at 1 505 277-3013.

    You don't have to be [I]in crisis[I] to call - we'll talk to anyone who's in need of emotional support, problem-solving or referrals.

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    I just wanted to say I hardly ever send pm messages here. Just a few here and there and mostly has been to reply. Not used to an on-line site like this and I mostly just read and post.
    I wanted to say thanks (already did with pms) but, wanted to post that I got some GREAT advice so that if anyone were in a predicament - this may not seem like the place to go as it's not a parenting board but, I really got some great advice and am very grateful for the pms. And the input.
    Thanks so much.

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