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Thread: Solar Impulse: Solar Powered Plane?

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    Solar Impulse: Solar Powered Plane?

    I read this article over at MSN.com and was wondering would you ride one? Would you get on a solar powered plane? I think its a great idea for a car but a plane? I just don't know. My yard lights are solar powered and half the time they don't come on because of light interference from other sources. I'd have a really hard time getting past that mentally and trusting that the plane would be different.

    What about you all? Would you ride one?

    Link and videos
    The aircraft's wingspan will be 60 metres wide - the same as an Airbus A340 - to provide the maximum surface area to be covered by solar panels.

    There will only be room for one person on board - the rest of the space is being taken up by batteries.

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    Re: Solar Impulse: Solar Powered Plane?

    Yeah, I would. I would think that because of the safety factor they would need, there would be backup systems just like on all planes.
    And once technology catches up with batteries like it did with cell phone batteries, then they won't need such huge batteries and could take more than one person.
    I remember the first cell phones were these HUGE things because of the battery and now look at them. So I'm guessing the fuel cell storage batteries will undergo the same transformation to small and compact.
    I think it's a great idea.
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