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Thread: Oil Changes?

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    Re: Oil Changes?

    Quote Originally Posted by buglover;2975644;
    I love my Toyota and my Nissan. Love love love! lol

    I think Toyota is manufactured very well and they seem easier to figure out than german cars. My VW was a nightmare!! We ended up selling it years ago because it took too much effort to work on.

    I absolutely loved my Toyotas, and want to go back to them so bad now. I had a Corolla, then moved into a Prerunner, then a 4Runner. I got rid of the 4Runner for the Passat thinking I would get better gas mileage...and it's kind of a cute, sporty car for my age. It only gets 2 miles better than the 4Runner I had. I want to go back to a Corolla, I was getting 32 mpg when I had one of those.

    Thanks for the added information Scott! That makes me feel better. I still haven't read my manual yet. That has been on my to-do list for the past...oh...8 months?
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    Re: Oil Changes?

    Quote Originally Posted by doxie;2977337;
    ..Find a mechanic that you can trust ...
    I'm looking for one of those. The last time I took my car in to Mr. Lube for an oil change, I was told I was hot, asked out for drinks as it was the end of the day, and even dancing. It was a big ego-boost, but I also know they were chatting me up in between to do a few more things to the car. Don't they realize I'm just too old and too smart a cat to fall for that stuff?

    I'm planning on going to the same place for my oil change in the next week or so!
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