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Thread: Mental Detox Week= Turnoff Week

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    Re: Mental Detox Week= Turnoff Week

    I tend to live by everything in moderation. In eating and in my activities. For example I don't abstain from eating carbs or fat, but I don't do eat excessively either. As with my activities, I watch some shows on TV, there are days when I spend the entire day in front of the computer but there are also days I spend with other activities; sewing, writing letters, working out, reading, taking walks, meeting friends and so on.

    But not using the computer for a week, or watching TV, I would just spend more time next week catching up with everything I usually check and therefore I believe that everything in moderation is better. Besides I couldn't not use a computer for work, almost all my work needs to be done on a computer.

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    Re: Mental Detox Week= Turnoff Week

    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;2938006;
    Sorry...I couldn't do any of that...love my TV, computer both at work and home, phone...I'll lend supportive thoughts to ya'll tho!
    I'm with you on that. I'm wired as heck - anytime my computer is on, there's a browser window on my e-mail. And I've got something like 30 or so feeds set up in my RSS reader. I'd end up in a mental hospital if I tried.

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