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Thread: What is the first major news event you can remember?

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    My earliest memory is watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles getting married on TV. I was almost 4 and pranced around in front of the TV in a white dress while I was watching it.
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    Great thread!

    I remember being in pre-K and hearing the teachers talk about Elvis, but had no idea who he was.

    The earliest news story that impacted me personally was the TMI accident (1979). I lived ten miles away and our whole town was evacuated.

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    President Kennedy's assassination was the first historic event I remember. I was 5 but there was no kindergarten where I lived, so I was laying on the couch when it flashed on the (black and white) TV. The school closed early so my brother came home shortly afterward. I was pissed because all that was on TV for three days was funeral coverage and I wanted to see my cartoons.

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    I don't know which came first, but I remember Vietnam war coverage and a moon launch.

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    There was a failed coup attempt in the country in 1989 - it took a couple of days before everyone surrendered. I was about two months short of six - I didn't remember the event itself, but I saw this building on TV that had shattered windows and wondering what was going on. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I realized what that was all about.

    I still do occasional double takes when I see that exact same building when I pass it by.

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    The earliest news event I remember (If it qualifies as a 'news' event) is the US Bicentennial in 1976 when I was five. I also remember Elvis dieing, the Reagan assasination attempt and John Lennon being killed.
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    I do remember earlier things, but the earliest news I remember is the election of Pierre Trudeau, mainly because my English dad hates Canadians (even though we live in Canada - he actually cried when Henderson got the goal that won the series) and he's a right wing nutjob, so anyone left of centre is a major affront to him. That was one annoying year.
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    The first significant news event I can remember was the gas shortage and Iran hostage scandal where all the hostages were marched in front of the camera with blindfolds on their faces...the Iyotolla Humaneee was the bad guy (I know that's spelled wrong, but wanted the phonetic effect)

    My mom saved a letter I wrote to Santa Claus the year of the gas shortage telling him to use his reindeer fuel so we could save gas.

    As a side note, although I didn't see it, I do remember my mom always talking about the space program and the first landing on the moon...she was convinced it was all staged in a Hollywood studio for us to believe.
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    My first was Kennedy's assassination. We had just moved to a new town, they let school out early, I missed the bus and had to walk home, was hysterical because I was lost, and to top it off, we were allowed to watch TV. To this day, only two tv coverages top the impact: The Challenger crash and 9/11.

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