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Thread: What is the first major news event you can remember?

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    The first major news event that I can remember is the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968, when I was five.

    My father took a lot of time to explain it to me that night when he got home from work as the news updates played on our black-and-white television. I stayed up really late that night, and I learned a lot of important stuff about racism and equal rights. I remember that night like it was yesterday.

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    For me, it's the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme. I was six at the time, and remember being very upset about the morning cartoons being canceled on TV. (That's a kid's mind for you.) I don't think I was able to fully grasp the horror and impact of it all until much, much later. However, I do remember the shocked news reporters, the blood on the pavement and all the grown-ups looking sad.

    I also remember the shocking images from Chernobyl. Actually, that happened a year before the murder of our prime minister. Those pictures have haunted me ever since.
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    Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated June 5, 1968

    I do NOT remember the assassination of President Kennedy, I recall the Martin Luther King Jr., assassination only because one of my classmates was talking about him. So I would say the first major news event I recall is the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, as I was 10 years old and was somewhat housebound that summer with not much to do but watch tv and read. I remember being glued to our tv set and watching his press secretary Frank Mankiewicz announce that Senator Robert F Kennedy died this morning he was 42 years old and feeling just awful. This started a lifelong interest in the Kennedys.
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    Wow, I can't believe I've never seen this thread before.
    We always watched the nightly news when I was a kid, but I think the first really big event I recall is the Challenger explosion in what, 1986? I'd have been about 10. It was a snow day, I had a friend over, and I remember my dad was out in the car somewhere, heard it on the radio and rushed in to turn on the TV. My mom cried.
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    The first moon landing in 1969...I was seven. The whole neighbourhood was gathered around the TV watching those grainy images and I remember I wanted a cracker...lol. I was working at my first post university job when the Challenger exploded and I remember sitting down on a patient's bed and just watching it with them. So sad, and it was 1986 I am pretty sure.
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    The first one I can remember is when Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, I think. I was 10 and I remember being scared while everyone was glued to the TV.

    The one that probably made the most impact on me was The Challenger explosion. My entire high school was watching it live. The memory is so vivid that I can still take you to the biology classroom and the exact desk I was sitting in.
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    I don't know how I remember this, as I was only 2 1/2. I remember my father coming home from work and he and my mother sobbing inconsolably. I only remember the crying part, not that it was because of President Kennedy's assasination.

    When I was 12, the words 'Watergate', 'Nixon' and 'impeach' come to mind. A 7th grade class assignment required us *students* to go door-to-door and ask "Should Nixon be impeached?". I have no recollection of the majority vote.
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    I can remember the first manned space flights, but the one event that sticks out most in my mind is President Kennedy's assasination. I was 9 years old and in the 4th grade. I know exactly where I was sitting in class when we heard the news, and I remember everything about the next few days with all the mourning and the funeral, Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald, everything. It seemed like every other part of life just shut down.

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    Thanks for bumping this thread! Interesting question.

    I remember the news about Elvis. We were camping in Sequoia National Park, and we would walk over to the Ranger station in the mornings to get the paper. I remember my mom leaning over to put her quarter in the machine, pausing to read the headline, then bursting into tears. It seemed so remote and unreal at the time, being up in the mountains. And I'd never seen my mom react like that.

    I remember the gas shortages, too. My brother and I actually made some money selling lemonade at the gas station near our house.

    We had a school election for the Reagan-Carter-Anderson presidential election. I was on the Anderson team, and we won our school election. I remember being so puzzled that Anderson barely registered on the national election when he was the clear winner at Jefferson Elementary.

    I happened to be home sick from school on the day of the Challenger tragedy. PBS was running the footage live, so we saw it happen. Oh, it was so heartbreaking and one of the astronauts was from my community. What a sad, sad day that was.
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    Move over and let the old guy through. I remember the first space ship ever launched the Russian Sputnik, Alan Shephard the first American in space, John Glenn the first American to orbit the earth and the moon landing. Space exploration was huge when I was a kid. That's about my earliest memories, along with the Baltimore Colts New York Giants 1958 NFL title game. My dad was a Colts fan so of course I was too. We watched the game together on tv. My father died the next year. That still remains my fondest sports memory ever.

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