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Thread: Green Living

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    Re: Green Living

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;3079181;
    I took a bunch of items to the recycling center today and then used my canvas bags at the grocery store and only had to use one of their plastic bags (which I will turn around and recycle).

    I'd like to get some more canvas bags but want some bigger ones than the standard grocery size. Does anyone know where I can get any?
    try here: Promotional tote bags custom sizes and styles from cheap totes
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    Re: Green Living

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog;3072810;
    We have been enjoying watching Greensburg. Well maybe enjoy is not the word for those poor people, but it's been interesting. I am anxious to see how they move forward and rebuild the town.
    I live in the neighboring county. It is has been a little over a year now. The town has not built much. There is a lot of bickering over "having" to go green to rebuild. Personally, if 300 families move back the town will be doing good. Most have moved on to other communities. Hopefully, the show "Greensburg" will stay true and show everything that has happened and not happened. The people in Greensburg have had to endure a lot with the powers to be, to be able to build what is there now. But on a side note, people in Greensburg have moved on to help another Kansas community that was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago that had a lot of damage.
    And the tornado season is not even half way over.
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