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Thread: Avatars you like

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    Avatars you like

    Okay, I have to try to write this between fits of laughter, here.

    I was reading another thread and saw a post by waywyrd, one of our venerable FoRT writers, and I fell in love with her new Valentine's Day avatar. One of the funniest avatars ever! So I was going to send her a note telling her how much I loved it, and when I got to her profile page I see the Laser Cats picture (my name for it) and although I was already laughing at her avatar, when I saw that picture, I fell apart and spewed Mountain Dew all over the screen, keyboard, and um.. my cat too, who was not as amused as I was.

    Anyway, I just had to tell you all... if you haven't looked at waywyrd's profile to see her current avatar and the picture there, I urge you to if you want a great laugh! Warning, though.... do not be in the process of drinking anything when you look, or what happened to me might happen to you, too.

    Great avatar and pic, waywrd!
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    Re: waywyrd - The FoRT Laugh Factory

    Ok that avatar is hilarious and those laser cats... too much
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    Re: Avatars you like

    I like Gabriel's avvy a lot. Then (I forget who) It's a woman from the Housewives of Orange County it's a cartoon picture of Vicki....

    I liked the Heath Ledger avvy by another name escaping me (it's sad now)

    Of course, I like mine! It's old now and I won't update it until I am on a good computer. The Valentine's avvys are cute.
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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    Re: waywyrd - The FoRT Laugh Factory

    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel;2788813;
    Ok that avatar is hilarious and those laser cats... too much
    OMG, The av was funny, but the cats??? I am
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