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Thread: Sweet 16 + New York... What to do?

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    Re: Sweet 16 + New York... What to do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2472713;
    I'll have to think about hotels... but... for simplicity's sake the Renaissance Hotel right in Times Square is a good central spot for a tourist.

    Being 16, I would definitely recommend going to Dylan's Candy Bar and Serendipity 3 on E 60th. Shoot... this 38 year old loved frozen hot chocolates and chili at Serendipity. Have you ever seen the movie Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale? And Dylan's is right across the street from Bloomingdale's!

    You absolutely must go faux purse shopping in SoHo!

    My biggest recommendation for anyone checking out the city is to just walk anywhere and everywhere. You always find the best little gems simply by walking without a destination. Stop into the quaint little shops and the seemingly dingy looking restaurant fronts and you'll be pleasantly surprised most of the time.

    When is "a few months"? Will it be winter?

    I love your idea about going faux purse shopping, that is RIGHT up my alley!

    I will be turning 16 in October, but we're going on the trip sometime in August, I hope. That way, I don't have to miss school.
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    Re: Sweet 16 + New York... What to do?

    I would definitely go to TRL and the Rockefeller Center.. I would also check out Micheal Jordan's restaurant,Its suppose to be really good. and Central Park where Home Alone was filmed at.

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    Re: Sweet 16 + New York... What to do?

    Diva...... this hotel deal just popped up on TravelZoo today.

    $99 special on a new Comfort Inn in Brooklyn right at the bridge. Can't beat that deal.

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