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Thread: Istanbul

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    I read an article about Istanbul in More magazine and I think I am ready to go -- i have never really thought about traveling there but the article has convinced me. anyone been? thoughts?

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    Re: Istanbul

    Quote Originally Posted by Toby;2432102;
    I read an article about Istanbul in More magazine and I think I am ready to go -- i have never really thought about traveling there but the article has convinced me. anyone been? thoughts?
    I've been to the airport. Can't say I'd reccomend that as it was a very strange experience (our flight to New Delhi, India, stopped over in Istanbul) as the plane was left on the tarmac, not taxied to the terminal, the people that were to get off, used stairs and were bused to the terminal. While we sat on the plane (were not allowed off unless we were staying in Turkey) waiting on the new passengers and the plane to be serviced, the plane was surrounded by armed guards carrying machine guns. I don't know if this was standard procedure or not, but it was disconcerting at the time.

    However, since then, I had a friend that worked there for 3 months and LOVED it! He got to see so much, and said that everyone was so welcoming and friendly. He had a fabulous time, ate great food, was taken to the homes of some of his co-workers and treated like a king, got to travel around the country and saw some incredible things and bought some cool stuff. And he said it was incredibly inexpensive as well. (of course, he was being paid a LOT for his 3 month stint over there by the American Contractor that hired him). Just seeing his photos and hearing his stories, I've thought that might be a cool place to go visit one day.

    If you do go, let us know how it is.
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    Re: Istanbul

    I've never been... but I have been to constantinople.

    sorry, I couldn't help myself
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    Re: Istanbul


    Hmmm . . .

    Gotta say I didn't like it when a female security guard at the airport walked up to me, got WELL within my personal space (try damn near kissing me, she was so close), and stuck her hand in my hair.

    Had I been in the U.S., I'd've probably pulled a Diana Ross.

    But since this was Turkey (and I've seen "Midnight Express"), I gritted my teeth, shut my mouth, and let it roll.

    Wasn't wild about Istanbul at ALL, and couldn't WAIT to get the hell out of there.

    Adana, however, was a totally different story.

    Loved it!

    Absolutely fascinating place. The food's good, and the people were all friendly (however, some of the local men DO carry a serious case of B.O.; it'll slap you into the middle of next week!). Went on an extensive four-or-five-hour tour of the place and the surrounding cities and areas. The beauty of the countryside knocked me out. I saw the ruins of a centuries-old church --- and a pit that Christians were thrown into when they were live Kibbles 'n Bits for the lions! Also, I actually got to ride a camel that day!

    If you're into shopping, you'll be in hog heaven, as our dollar goes really, really far there. Matter of fact, if you go into some of the little shops along the way and you've got Turkish lira (sp?), the natives will tell you specifically that they either want American cash or they'll take a credit card. In a lot of those sidewalk shops, you can also haggle with the proprietors over the price of items you'd like to buy.

    Don't get food in the hotels, if you can absolutely avoid that. They'll charge you out the rear end. Dead serious. It's legal highway robbery. If you walk around and find a little sidewalk cafe or restaurant and get the local fare, the price will be reasonable (they'll take lira in those places, usually), and the food will be to die for.

    It's hot as all get out (which kinda explains the B.O. among the street locals, I guess), but very beautiful and a REAL experience.

    Try it!

    You might like it!
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