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Thread: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

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    Re: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

    Wow, that's a lot of organization. I could probably use some of that myself.

    Years ago, I was very neat and tidy, but not super organized like with colors and codes and things. All things in the house were in a place, but I had drawers and boxes where things just fell into place. I would put all dishes away before I went to work and make the bed, hang up all towels and laundry and make sure everything in the house was in place before I left, but I got out of that and don't focus on that anymore. I'm more into whatever works for the day. lol I try to keep things fairly in order, but I don't dwell on it, if I don't do it. I think I'm easier on myself now. I earned it.

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    Re: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

    I mentioned in another thread that I eat Triscuit crackers with the grain of the cracker.

    With hamburgers, I like to eat all the way around the circumference before eating the center last. That's mostly because cheese, tomato, onion, all that stuff sometimes hangs out of the bun irregularly so by eating all the way around the burger, I end up with a neater edge.

    With tacos, I like to eat the upper deck (if you will) of lettuce and cheese first, and then eat the bottom (where the meat is). I do that because it's hard to fit the whole width of the taco in my mouth comfortably.

    I think I eat pizza like everyone else--point first, moving up to the crust. I eat the crust alone last. I don't fold my pizza up. That seems more like a New York thing.
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    Re: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

    New York pizzas are much wider in circumference than the average pizza. I know this from my Weight Watcher days as most NY pizzas are at least 16-18 inches in diameter and a regular slice counts as more points. Perhaps this is why the slice gets folded when eaten. I don't eat the crust as DH prefers his pie to be a bit well-done and I don't enjoy the crust that much anyway. My dog sits patiently while I eat and waits for the crust.

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