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Thread: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

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    Lex, I do that wallet organizing too! We were discussing sorting algorithms in a computer science class and the professor asked "Who organizes their bills numerically?" I raised my hand and he was like "I was using that example to show that you don't need to write an algorithm for something that small." Oops!

    Plus, I have this thing where I add together all the numbers in licence plates and on houses as I go by.

    I'm also have this weirdness with multiples of three. When I'm walking I'll notice that it's left - right - left then back to right-left-right. The way it switches when there's two variables I just think is neat.

    I have a tendancy to look for patterns and focus on something until it's solved, reduce things to its smallest parts. Which is good for computer science but bad for rethinking conversations and situations over and over again.

    I'm really realived that this thread is so long and I'm not the only one with these quirks.

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    And about the adding thing - I add them to a single digit. Weird!

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    I'm compulsive about numbers too. I count everything, not once, but time and time again. We used to live in a house with 117 ceiling tiles in our bedroom. I would have to count them several times a day. The knobs and buttons on the TV, the VCR the DVD, anything with knobs.

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    Duxxy- no I've never worked retail I actually wasn't aware of this 'OC' behaviour in the past until (like I said) I was standing there rearranging the notes

    RD- I can just imagine your look when you discover that you actually have a 10-dollar note stashed away in that little compartment

    martine- you sound like you'll make a really good mathematician- looking for patterns etc Reminds me of John Nash, minus the schizophrenic part

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    Dex, I do the wallet arranging too; I've had to learn to step aside from the cash register so I'm not in everyone else's way.....
    And now I've got to go check the weather report AGAIN.... I've got 4 days off work starting Sunday; I'll be obsessively watching the weather until then! (as if it would change drastically if I didn't keep an eye on it!

    Another O/C habit of my many....if I have to sit for any amount of time in an area with tile, textured ceiling, wood grain, etc, I start looking for pictures in the patterns...
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    I count stairs - mounting or descending.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I heard some people wanted it, so bumpity bump bump bump

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    I can't be in any type of waiting room without going around and straightening up the magazines. I even neaten by size and type of magazine. My kids get so embarassed! Oh, I also have to have all my books,videos,dvd, etc. with the titles facing the same way.

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    If I am about to go to sleep and I see something crooked, like a picture frame, I will get up and move it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    when I shower I follow a specific routine (

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