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Thread: Obsessive/Compulsive? Come share!

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    I'm a counter, too. Count the tiles in the restroom or even on my floor at home. count the cars in the parking lot when I'm out having a cigarette. Count how many cars in the parking lot have the same numbers in their license plates.

    I must be an a - count- ant.

    Fluff my pillow 5 times.

    Like multiples of 5 for some reason and I count til I get them to work out.

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    When I'm eating, I have to save at least one bite of everything for the end. One pea, one forkful of mashed potatoes, one bit of meat, etc.

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    I do the line up my pen with the cap routine, too.

    Also, in a bar have to line up my coaster so I can read it & it is facing me & put my glass in the exact middle, every time.

    I didn't realize i was weird, til now.

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    Ollie--the number five must be a big one for the compulsive. My OCD sister does everything (lock doors, brush teeth) 5 times, my certifiable mother-in-law vacuums 5 times every day, and I think on "As Good As It Gets" Jack Nicholas's character did everything 5 times too. I'm thinking there's money to be made in t-shirt sales with this one: "OCD: When four times just isn't good enough"
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    "One more for OCD Just to make sure."
    It kills me to have to say this but now that I think about it, this is my 15th post so I'll be all right now.

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    Heck, I take the paper towel out of the bathroom with me in case there's another public door handle I'll have to touch!

    Oh, and you can buy Purell wipes online too!
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    Originally posted by ollie
    When I'm eating, I have to save at least one bite of everything for the end. One pea, one forkful of mashed potatoes, one bit of meat, etc.
    Ohhhh mee too!!! And I didnt even know I was doing something weird until my hubby pointed it out. Is that a weird thing to do??


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    I just thought I was normal, til now.
    or at least I didn't think I was abnormal in that way.

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    I didn't realize how may of the things I do could be considered obsessive/compulsive!

    And to think I used to think they were entirely normal.

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    Originally posted by John
    Good routine. I wanna see FORT at #1, though.
    I usually stay on FORT while I'm doing other things too, so you normally get about 45 minutes of my posts (if that makes sense to you) per day.

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