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Thread: Favorite charitable causes?

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    Favorite charitable causes?

    I couldn't find anything similat, so I thought this could be a place where people could talk about some of their favorite charitable foundations

    One that I think is really unique is One Loaf of Bread (Oneloafofbread.com.) They sell very pretty earrings, and 50% of the proceeds go towards fighting childhood hunger.

    I also really like the Make a wish foundation.
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    I Is Stephanie
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Hmmm....Faavorite charitable causes....

    Make a Wish, definitely.
    Non-kill animal shelters (ther's one just down the street from me)
    Donating supplies for Children's Hospital Boston, for those who need medical care but can't afford it
    Local food pantries
    Clubs that give inner city children a place to go after school
    Hispanic literacy programs (because here, hispanic children have a very low literacy rate), and this is one that I can actually help with! Sí, yo hablo Español.
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Relay for Life

    Tidewell Hospice (this is the hospice in Florida that took care of my mother and my friend that passed away last year)

    The local library

    Our church which does so many wonderful community outreach programs.

    GHAIN which helps local homeless families with a place to stay, work programs, schooling help for the kids, etc.

    Toys for Tots and other similar Christmas programs

    Local food banks

    Girl Scouts

    book drives for underpriveleged kids (usually through the school system)

    local animal shelters

    When we were in Florida, we contributed to a local wildlife rescue shelter that mostly worked with pelicans, but also other area wildlife.
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Heifer Project - you donate animals for people in 3rd world countries to raise and then they pass the gift along, etc. Eventually you are helping a whole village. They have a range of costs from bees to water buffalos or a whole ark of animals. It is a good fund-raiser for kids. I also sponsor a child through PlanUSA. (I used to sponsor a girl through Save the Children, but she was murdered in the Rwanda massacre.)
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    The Humane Society--check out my page by clicking on the link in my signature!

    Also, Make a Wish is just fantastic.

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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    My church and their many outreaches.

    The homeless. I have a friend with a mentally ill son who is homeless. I try to donate to causes to help that segment of society.
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Ronald McDonald House.

    Several years ago my middle son was badly burned and he was in a burn unit for about 2 weeks. Without the help, financially and emotionally, of the Ronald McDonald House, I don't know what I would have done to get by.
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Breast cancer research (I have a sister who died from it)
    Parkinson's Disease research (my dad had it)
    Boy Scouts (my other "job")
    Anything for animals

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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    My biggest yearly donation goes to the United Way, because as an umbrella organization they cover a lot of different needs, because they are the second largest provider of social services behind the government, and because I have worked for the Chair of the Board and consequently have had access to their financial distribution records and feel comfortable that the bulk of their donations are actually going to the people who need help.

    My second largest donation is to the World Wildlife Fund because I think the world should be safe for those who are not actively screwing it up.
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    Re: Favorite charitable causes?

    Salvation Army
    Doctors Without Borders
    Canadian Cancer Society
    Canadian Alzheimer's Associaton
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