My parents had separate queen size beds even when we were young and in later years even separate rooms. My mom took great pains to explain to me it didn't mean they didn't love each other and/or didn't have good sex (OK, Mom, maybe a bit TMI), but that my dad snored and thrashed in his sleep like a madman. I could definitely hear the snoring if he was asleep when I was awake, and once on a long car trip he and I shared a bed for a nap in a motel so the rest of the family could watch TV in the other room--that lasted about 10 minutes after he fell asleep, at which point he flung around and practically punched me---I totally sympathized with my mom! Oddly my dad always seemed well rested....I'm amazed he ever needed to exercise given the work out he got during the nights! Apparently they would cuddle until one of them got sleepy, then he'd move out.