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Thread: Travel tips

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    Re: Travel tips

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog;2459826;
    Or you can use neon orange duct tape because your bag won't close. My friend did this last year when we went on our cruise. We always knew which suitcase was hers as no one else had orange duct tape on theirs.
    Orange duct tape on their luggage ! ! ! !...........how about neon green.... Ha...I put that on all my luggage including carry-on not because I can't close them, but because I like to spot them. Absolutely no one will pick up my bags....

    When we went to NYC last year, our luggage was lost somewhere between LAX and JFK. I kept telling the person at the desk.."just find the suitcases with bright green duct tape....you can't miss them"......Sure enough after about 48 hours they showed up at our son's door.
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    Re: Travel tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane;2572705;
    Also, once you do book and pay for a flight, don't torture yourself by checking to see if the price has gone down.
    Lois, some airlines will make up the difference, or part of it, or give you some little pek, if the price goes down...it's worth it to check at least a time or two.
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