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Thread: Car Repair Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2250085;
    Tsk tsk tsk, Unk... I would kick your behind if you came into one of my stores (I used to be an Area Service Manager...heh)

    Shocks are a maintenance item, generally after the first 12/12, unless there was a blatant parts failure.
    C'mon now. 12k miles or 1 year for shocks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FinallyHere;2250371;
    C'mon now. 12k miles or 1 year for shocks?
    For wear conditions, yes. That's a common timeframe across the board, regardless of manufacturer. There are certainly out and out part failures that can occur at longer timeframes than that, but it's extremely rare. Potholes aren't part failures, much like excessive hills and subsequent brake wear isn't a part failure. Sorry.

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    Thank you to whoever advised my shimmy could be ice. It's all better now and I did go out before my trip to the airport and found some melting ice patches behind the hubcaps. I just flicked them away. I looove car problems that fix themselves!
    Count your blessings!

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