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Thread: Have you met anyone on-line in person?

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    Whoa!!! I live right near Jacksonville. Sorry, I just love little coincidences.

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    B/P -- I too met several great guys through Match.com. If there was interest we'd email back and forth, then, if there was further interest, I would get his phone number (not the other way around) and we'd talk on the phone, sometimes for several hours. Home phone numbers were important. Then, if we're both still feeing it -- THE FIRST DATE!!! Some of the rules:

    1. Pictures were mandatory -- let's face it, physical attraction is pretty important when you first meet someone. I know the question here is "how do you know it's their picture?" Well, you don't but if it's actually gone as far going out on a date, it would be a pretty bad first impression if the picture wasn't his.

    2. Phone numbers ALWAYS had to include a home phone b/c that way you know the living arrangements (wife, girlfriend, etc. living at home).

    3. First meeting always took place in a public place. I would always tell him that I had given his name, phone number with several of my friends just so he knew that my friends were all looking out for me and he wouldn't pull any shady business..

    4. I would always check in with the people I had left the 'date' information with so they wouldn't worry.

    I ended up meeting several great guys, some of whom I still keep in touch with. I would say I probably dated 20 or so guys from the internet, most didn't result in a second date, but nothing weird and I never got the yucky-creepy gut feeling.

    I would definitely do the internet dating thing again. however I'm going through a non-dating time in my life. I lost most of my vision about a year ago and need to deal with 'ME' right now.

    P.S. I guess the "MANDATORY" picture thing doesn't matter anymore

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    All great safety tips, Jewelsy.

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    I gotta say although I hate the dating scene and am glad I'm not single right now (actually talking marriage at this point)

    my meeting was very strange and really almost unreal like it is something that happened in another life time.
    I would be too afraid to meet someone on-line now. I guess it was about 6 years ago that I met that guy and it was great.
    But, the match sites and such seem like a lot of work - I'm lazy I guess.
    I've never been on a blind date or tried to meet someone.

    I've been lucky in the love department I guess. <--so far as meeting men.
    Now making it last is another story......

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