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Thread: Online Shopper Secrets.....

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    Online Shopper Secrets.....

    I came across some websites in a magazine I was flipping through and that I thought some FORT friends might be interested in them....

    www.shopittome.com will check the web for sales on your fave brands like Old Navy, Gap, etc.

    Coupon codes offered by your fave stores can be found here. You click on the offer at the coupon site and it will usually give you a code and take you to that retailer's site. Type in the code when asked for it and complete your purchase. Be sure to check out the expiration dates because some of the coupons have them!

    Anyone else care to let the cat out of the bag and share some of their online shopping secrets???? I'm also a big fan of eBay...buying and selling!
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    Here's some cheap flights from ATA I got from Expedia if anyone is interested. Very short window of availability but it might fit someone's needs.
    New York Austin 84+
    New York Corpus Christi, TX 74+
    New York Denver 84+
    New York Dallas/Ft. Worth 74+
    New York El Paso 84+
    New York Harlingen, TX 84+
    New York Los Angeles 94+
    New York Midland/Odessa, TX 84+
    New York New Orleans 74+
    New York Oakland 84+
    New York Portland 94+
    New York Phoenix 94+
    New York San Diego 94+
    New York San Antonio 84+
    New York Seattle 94+
    New York San Jose 94+
    New York Sacramento 94+
    New York St. Louis 74+
    New York Tucson 94+
    Hilo, Big Island Oakland 134+
    Maui Los Angeles 154+
    Maui Oakland 164+
    Maui Phoenix 164+

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    What are the best sites for booking airline tickets? I'm going to LaJolla, CA in May so I want to start keeping an eye on prices pretty soon.

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    I use this one a lot for airfares, and I've always logged on as a guest.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone;2220752;
    What are the best sites for booking airline tickets? I'm going to LaJolla, CA in May so I want to start keeping an eye on prices pretty soon.
    You can check Kayak.com or mobissimo.com and they will check through all the other sites including Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, all the airline sites, etc. for the best price. You can also download SideStep free, and it will show you all the fares and link you directly to the site with that fare.
    I also like airfarewatchdog.com which updates several times a day with fares from most cities, so they many times catch sales a that are listed only for very brief periods. They will also email you with fares from your city.
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    Thanks for all the tips. I will check it out. I'm going to a conference, so I'll stay at the conference hotel - at least that part will be easy.

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