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Thread: 2006: Remembering Those Lost

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    2006: Remembering Those Lost

    It's been an interesting year of celeb deaths in 2006, and I'm talking not just about Hollywood celebs, but additionally of world leaders and historical figures. Just looking at a brief list of some of those who died this year brings back several years worth of school history lessons, not to mention many years of being entertained by wonderful entertainers. Just a partial list of those who died in 2006:
    • Shelley Winters, January 14, actress, died at age 85, heart attack
    • Wilson Pickett, January 19, singer, died at age 64
    • Lou Rawls, January 19, singer, died at age 72, lung and brain cancer
    • Coretta Scott King, January 30, civil rights activist and wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., died at age 78
    • Betty Friedan, February 4, one of the founders of the modern feminist movement, died at age 85 on her birthday
    • Don Knotts, February 24, actor, died at age 81, lung cancer
    • Dennis Weaver, February 24, actor, died at age 81
    • Slobodan Milosevic, former President of Yugoslavia, died at age 64, heart attack, during his trial for war crimes
    • Oleg Cassini, March 17, clothing designer, died at age 92
    • Buck Owens, March 25, country singer and businessman, died at age 76
    • Caspar Weinberger, March 28, Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration, died at age 88
    • Billy Preston, June 6, musician, died at age 59, kidney-related illness
    • Aaron Spelling, June 26, TV producer, died at age 83 after suffering a stroke
    • Red Buttons, July 13, comedian/actor, died at age 87
    • Mickey Spillane, July 16, author, died at age 88
    • Mike Douglas, August 11, TV host/entertainer, died at age 81.
    • Ann Richards, September 13, former Governor of Texas, died at age 73, cancer
    • Byron Nelson, September 26, legendary golf pro, died at age 94
    • Iva Toguri ('Tokyo Rose'), September 26, convicted of treason for her role as Tokyo Rose, later pardoned; died at age 90, natural causes.
    • P.W. Botha, October 21, former President of South Africa, died at age 90
    • Ed Bradley, November 9, news correspondent, died at age 65, leukemia
    • Jack Palance, November 10, actor, died at age 87, natural causes
    • Robert Altman, November 20, movie director, died at age 81, complications from cancer
    • Jeanne Kirkpatrick, December 7, the first female U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, died at age 80
    • James Brown, December 25, singer, died at age 73, heart failure
    • Gerald Ford, December 26, former President of the USA, died at age 93, complications of heart problems
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    Wow. That is quite a list. Respects to all.
    Count your blessings!

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    Thanks for posting Nemeses....

    some great legacies left........
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    Sad, quite a few were favorites of mine. I hope they all rest in peace, many brought such joy to so many.

    I have this one friend that is a natural comic. Over time when we've discussed celebrities, she would say: You know he died? or You know she's gay? So now we tease her about it and call it the "Alive or Dead, Gay or Straight Game" with her. And she is hysterical when it starts. You can name practically any celeb and she has the answer. Weird, but funny in a strange sort of way.

    *threadjack* James Brown's funeral is an hour away from where we live. Husband wants to go. I said no. If I was going to see James Brown, I'd have rather seen him alive and singing. No way do I want to get involved in that crowded mess that's going to be there to see a dead celebrity. Kind of creepy if you ask me to go to someone's funeral you don't know.
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    That's quite an amazing list. May they all rest in peace.
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