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Thread: Cutest things you've heard your kids say

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    Just found this thread way back and I had to bump it. I know many of you have funny sweet kids. There is nothing funnier to me than a kid trying to say grown up things.

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    We were shopping recentlyand my 5 year old YELLED in the middle of the store " mommy, can we go? Cause THIS STORE IS PISSING ME OFF!" ( I almost died of laughter )

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    When my daughter was 3, she was a drawing a picture. Trying to be a good mom, I was saying things like, "Ooooh, what a nice house," and "Those are pretty flowers, aren't they?" etc. She looks up from her picture and deadpans me, "Mom...it is just a bunch of scribbling." D'oh.

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    I could write a book.

    My oldest would point at me after he heard a preview for an upcoming movie... "Mommy! It's at a theater near YOU!"

    When he was 8 years old I was getting ready to go away to school for 3 months. We were out shopping, and my husband and I were each buying a case of beer. One for me to take up to my apartment at school and one for him. (whatever it takes to get you through, right? ) My son stood with us in the checkout line and announced in his loudest voice, "MOM. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE BUYING ALCOHOL."

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    My 5 year old was sick and I was checking him for a fever and asking about what hurt and was he coughing alot and stuff and he looked at me and said " go away mom I'm sick and you're driving me nuts"

    The first time my son rode the bbus home from shool we were all waiting on the corner for him to be dropped off and a little girl got off when the bus stopped and asked " Are you looking for Wyatt " and we said " yeah, have you seen him? " To which she answered " he'll be here in a minute he's in the back with the big girls" *mommy goes to Walmart and buys the shirt reading "high school chicks rule" that she was wanting ti get him*
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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    My daughter was about 4 and we saw a commercial on TV. The scene is of an out of fucus accident scene where ambulance lights are flashing. The camera is focused on a phone booth and Mr. Voice Over guy says "If you've been in an accident, you need a lawyer"

    My daughter looked at me and said "If you've been in an accident, you need a doctor!"
    Reminds me of one my daughter said once..locally, we are barraged with TV commercials by one noteable personal injury lawyer that refers to himself as the "Texas Hammer"...the "tough, smart lawyer".

    One day as we are sitting eating dinner, I was discussing an auto accident a friend had experienced and my daughter, very seriously and out of the blue, stated "she needs to call the Texas Hammer".

    I think this was in another thread, but I cracked up laughing one day when she said she wanted to watch "Princess Diarrea" instead of "Princess Diaries".
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    When my daughter was about 2, she couldn't pronounce the word chocolate. It sounded like f*** it ! Now if we want to say "f*** it", we just say "chocolate" instead!

    This is one of my favorites! One day when her brother was asleep, she was singing at the top of her lungs. I told her several times to hold it down and she ignored me. Finally, I said "If you wake up the baby, you're going to get a crack on your bottom!" She was quiet for a minute then replied with innocent confusion, "But I already have a crack on my bottom."
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    We were at the doctors recently. This particular doctor calls you in from the waiting room quickly but makes you wait a while in the room, so my daughter (5) and I are in the habit of playing "I Spy."

    Me: I spy with my little eye...something yellow.

    Daughter: Your teeth?

    Me: Grrr.
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    Hep, my 5 year old son drew a picture of me recently (I had to lie down on the floor and he traced around me and then drew in the details). I said I liked how he'd drawn my face, and he said "Did you notice the extra details?" "Yes I did" I answered. (I had assumed he'd put cat whiskers on my face, but didn't like to ask). "Those are those lines you get when you smile." um, thanks I guess.

    He can be very smooth. I was getting ready to go out a while ago, and I said "Do I look okay?" He said "Oh, mummy, you look beautiful, you always look beautiful." "Thanks!" I said, thinking it doesn't get much better than that. Then he said, in this George Clooney kind of way "But you look even more beautiful when you smile." When he is a teenager he is going to be such a menace with the girls. If he's this smooth now, I can only imagine what he'll be like at 15.

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    Great stories!!

    Here's one: My daughter (she was 4ish) and I were running late one morning and i'm running around with head cut off...packing her lunch, doing my hair, make-up, etc... well, i sat down on the couch to throw stuff into my purse, and daughter says, "momma, your bug is open." I said, "huh?" This went on a few more times and i still could not understand what she was saying. Fortunately, right before we walked out of the door, she asks me, "momma, are you going to show everyone your underwear?" Sure enough, i looked down and my "bug" (fly) was open!

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