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Thread: Cutest things you've heard your kids say

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarateGirl1387 View Post
    I'm not a parent yet, but one time during church when they were lighting the candles on the altar before mass, someone's little kid in the front row started singing, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."
    That is priceless

    There was deserted small shack near the railroad track that we passed day after day. The shack was boarded up with a 4 ft by 8 ft sign that read Get Us Out of the UN.....One day when my daughter was toward the end of first grade she read the sign aloud: "Get us out" then in a panic "Get us out? We need to get them out! They have been in there a looong time are they alright?"......
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    This thread is absolutely hysterical, I think you all could identify with the strangled sounds coming from my cubicle at work while I try to hide my laughter over something that is so definitely not the technical writing that I do for a living.

    My niece is only 2 1/2, and has been very stubborn with her talking, so I'm just beginning to have things to contribute about her, I'll have more to write in the future. Here's one though; she loves ELMO. Loves, loves, loves him. Anytime she sees anything that's colored red--from a car to a toy, to a polished fingernail-- she points to it and says "'mo!". So, the other day she sees a little decal on my shoe, and says "mo?". I say "No, honey, red. RED! Say Red?" She says "Red." I point to the decal (it's miniscule) and say "Good Girl! Say Red" "Red!" Not 10 seconds later she points at my laundry bag and says "Elmo!" almost as if to say, I do listen to you people and learn. You try to tell me to say "Elmo" instead of "'mo", so I'm just demonstrating that I can do that. You expect too much!
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    That's adorable, VeronicaBelle... Aren't they absolutely precious?

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    This happened when my younger son was about 2 1/2:
    We were sitting eating breakfast together. He was happily feeding himself and I was looking down at the paper when he said "Mom?". Without looking up, I murmured "Hmmm?". So he repeated, "Mom? Where are you mom?". I looked up as he again started with, "Mom? Where are you? I can't see you...."

    With his eyes closed.
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    My ex's four-year-olds are exploring the concept of death. The little boy will flop down on the floor with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and announce that he is dead (usually when he doesn't get his way about something. Much better than listening to him scream!) The little girl is more pragmatic. The other day she asked me if she could have my band-aids when I die (I have some Care Bear and My Little Pony band-aids for the kids, so they are quite valuable.) I told her sure, but that it would probably be a long time before I die. "Five days?" Probably a lot longer. "Ten days." She said that with great finality. I found out the next day that she had discussed her future windfall with my ex, who suggested that I'd probably give her a few band-aids if she asked nicely, to which she matter-of-factly replied, "I want them all." I guess I'm doomed.
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    My five year old grandson loves to look at the pictures on my computer. The other day he was scrolling through them and he asked me who that baby was with that big head.I told him that that was him, but that all babies had pretty big heads for the size of their bodies. Apparently he wasn't buying that story. He made a couple more comments about that head and then he was studying a picture and said "there's Aunt Katie, and she's holding that big headed baby".

    I love to read all your kid stories!

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    This was a little while ago but my 2 - 1/2 year old nephew was visiting with his mom (my oldest sister). We are at his grandmom's house and he was lying there with my sister and hugging her neck. They were looking at each other and he said to her "Mommy, I love you!". She said, "I love you too baby." Then he turned his head to me and my mom and said, "I love my Mommy!". My sister said, "I think they know that sweetie." Too cute!

    He was demonstrating that he could recognize letters of the alphabet on boxes of stuff. His mom pointed to an "M" and said, what is that. He said, "M for Mommy". Later, he was drawing on construction paper, and he said, "Look Aunt PGM, I drew an "O". I said, "Can you draw an "M"? and he said, looking me squarely in the eyes, and very seriously, "I'm just a little boy!"

    Lastly, a week or so ago, I was talking to her on the phone. She is a working mom and has a nanny/day care provider that comes to the house to watch him all day. She also sometimes does business trips, etc. where she is gone for a week or so (she is a single mom). Well she tells me that he didn't want her to leave for work one morning, but to stay with him all day instead. She said, "I have to go to work, we need money for food, etc.". He said, "That it was alright, I'll eat worms, and bugs from outside" - note: I think he had seen a preview for the movie to How to Eat Fried Worms. Then she replied, "What about buying toys and clothes". He said that he "would get them from Grandmom's since she had a lot of toys and stuff for him." Last, she tried to get him to sympathize that his sitter/nanny would miss him too much and needed to work...he said, "But we don't need her, you'll stay home with me". Remember, he's only 2-1/2 and had deduced all of the above on his own and come up with the perfect plan! He is such a doll! Here is a pic of him and his mom.

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    They are both beautiful.
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    NOT cute!

    Last night I was colouring my hair. I went to check my timer to see how much time I had and it read 25 mins!! It should have been closer to 0!
    Turns out that little miss M reset it because she likes to play with it.
    It could have turned out very badly if I was a blonde (because of the bleach)
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    What did Little Miss M have to say about that near disaster?

    I was just complaining about the mess my kids have made in the gameroom. They've dumped out the toybox and everything is scattered on the floor. My daughter gave me a big sigh and said, "Mom! Kids make messes. That's what we're for."

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