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Thread: Cutest things you've heard your kids say

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    My parents always tell the story about how one of my first words was "Son of A B----". I don't remember this but according to them, I was in the car with my Dad and someone pulled out in front of him and HE said it. So, of course, I started repeating it and the parents (especially my Mom) were just horrified. According to the story, about two weeks later, my parents took me to visit my granparents. We lived in Texas at the time and the grandparents lived here (Alabama) and I supposedly sat in the back seat of the car and said "Son of A B----" for the entire drive. My Mom has said many times that she was SO worried about what HER parents would say if they heard me (beloved first and only grandaughter) repeat those words. I think that my Dad just thought it was hilarious. He's the one who usually relates this story. Mom says that she (during the many miles from Houston to Birmingham) "trained" me to say "Bun on a Witch" instead of the other words but that didn't work out. Legend has it that I got out of the car when we arrived at my Grandparent's house and greeted them with "Son of a B----! The grandparents are gone now - and this event was years ago - but I so wish that I had a picture of my small self and the horrified looks on my Grandparent's faces.
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    I was sent to Catholic school. I rode the school bus with 45 other Catholic school kids. I came home during 4th grade and we were eating dinner. I will NEVER forget this. My dad was spooning mashed potatos on his plate when I asked: "daddy, what does F--- mean?" He literally threw the bowl of potatos up in the air. All conversation stopped. It was like a vaccum sucked all the air out of the room.


    on the bus.

    Believe me, the bus driver and everyone else in charge got an earful from him about that one and I was told NEVER to say it again. I guess he's not too happy with me now.

    By the way, I got a REAL education at Catholic school. And it was NOT anything the nuns taught either! The stuff I learned on the bus and in the playground were absolutely AMAZING!
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    My husband used to be in the Governor General Foot Guards in Ottawa CAN. They dress very similar to the U.K. Foot Guards that stand completely still outside of the Royal Palace. You know, red jacket, black pants, very tall fur hat, not allowed to move when they are on duty? My friend and I (with her then 3 year old son in towe) attended a ceremony that my husband and his troup were taking part in. We were trying to find the washrooms and walked past a group of young male footguards waiting for the ceremony to begin. My friends son (and of course in a loud voice) said, "Mommy, these girls have funny hair"

    It was hilarious.

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    My son has a really good vocabulary and loves "es-pressions". He is six, and me and his sister just dote on him (does this mean he'll be too spoiled to marry, or will love women and make a great husband?". Anyway, lately he's taking to trying out expressions, but he keeps getting them a little wrong. Last week he said he "just saw my friend out of the glimpse of my eye!". A few days ago he thought he'd lost me in a shop (I could see him, but didn't realise he didn't know where I was). He called me, really panicky, and when I said "I'm right here honey" he said "Oh, mummy, you got here just in the crack of time".

    Before I had a boy I never understood how people could think they were anywhere near as cute as little girls, but this guy is just cute as a button, and sweet to boot. (my first, a girl, was very shy and little boys just frightened her to bits).

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    I feel the need to revive this thread with this story I got from my mum today:
    June, 1985. (I am 2.5 years, my sister is five). The story is told through the eyes of my mum (back then):
    Helena (me) comes running, bawling her eyes out. "Mum, M (my sister, named not disclosed by me) hit me!" M answers "She hit me here" and points to her forehead where nothing shows.
    I, who don't like tattle-tales and don't wish to choose sides says "It's not alright to fight! Hug each other and say you're sorry!" Helena walks over to M, sits next to her and tries to hug her.
    M says "No you should stand up" and they try to rise together. The consequence is that they are tumbling around on the grass laughing. Way later they realise that they have forgotten to say sorry "for real". That's sibling love!

    I thought the story was cute, even though I am a star. But I don't remember it.

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    When my oldest daughter was three yrs old, she looked straight into the eyes of my father and asked, "If God made the bee, who made the stinger?....the devil?"
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    My oldest daughter finished Kindergarten and a couple of the room moms had the kids make a poster about their experience and what they wanted to be.
    Apparently my daughter wants to be a teenager some day.
    Oooooooooooh I can hardly wait.

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    I'm not a parent yet, but one time during church when they were lighting the candles on the altar before mass, someone's little kid in the front row started singing, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."
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    I was sitting on the couch, Joey coming running into the living room, jumps on me swats my face - MEOOOW and runs away..
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    Actually, my niece said this. She was singing Row Your Boat. She said "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life's a butter bean."

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