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Thread: Cutest things you've heard your kids say

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    I bet you are constantly laughing at this kid! That is really funny!

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    My little guy loves, loves, loves money. He is upstairs right now, says he has a headache and is lying in bed. I just came down from lying with him. He said "if you're going to go mummy, could you hand me my chinkle collection, because I love my chinkle and it will cheer me up". So he's up there right now, hugging his "chinkle". I suspect he's a bit of an eccentric.

    (He gets the term chinkle from the hilarious Little Wolf books by Ian

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    Quote Originally Posted by giz View Post
    (by the way do Americans say homo milk, or is this a crazy Canuck thing?)
    It must be a crazy Canuck thing...not that there's anything wrong with "homo milk"!

    All of you sound like you have adorable kids. I don't know how you're able to spend the time on the FORT when you've got those cuties around. (Watch out--soon they'll be better on the computer than you are! My friend's 5 year old son already made a web page for himself.)

    My neighbor's 2 year old loves me. I ask him, "Who do you love more? Mr. Lois Lane or Lois Lane?" And he always says, "Lois Lane!" I was so pleased, thinking I was the neigborhood favorite...

    Turns out, his favorite is always the last thing you mention..."Do you like ice cream or broccoli better?" "Broccoli."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane View Post
    (Watch out--soon they'll be better on the computer than you are! My friend's 5 year old son already made a web page for himself.)
    Agreed. My 5-yr old nephew is obsessed with computer games. His mom has to find ways to unplug the computer and make sure he's not on it 24/7. But he always figures out how to turn it back on.

    His teacher recently told his mom that he was having trouble spelling his name. So when the teacher asked what he could spell, he answered "w-w-w dot d-i-s-n-e-y dot c-o-m."

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    My son tells the kid that the batteries run down on his Play Station. They hold up well all day long, but always seem to run down about 9 pm. I'm glad that it's getting pretty weather again so that he will spend more time outside. I don't think it's best for him to stay glued to that game thing. Maybe the mans will go outside with him.

    Since I have had the care of him so much lately, I realized, once again, how very special it is to have a little one around. You young people, enjoy every minute. Too soon, you will be the grannies taking the tags off the toys for them.

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    Yesterday my 3 1/2 year old informed me that Wendy was sleeping with Bob (Bob the Builder). After choking my drink down I simply said "Oh?" And she says, "Yep, I think they got marry." I didn't have an answer to that so I just said okay and left the room before I burst out laughing.

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    Well at least they did it right, huh?

    Do you show her Bob's website? My grandson used to just love that one.

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    My 16 months old son was "giving tempra" to his teddy bear last night and then cleaned his mouth with a wetnap. He had my husband and I He's such a copy cat. He also takes our clothes from the drawers and "cleans" the floor with them.

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    My kids are past saying "cute" things, but my 3 year old nephew is a piece of work. We were picking blackberries, which have thorny vines. He got a scratch on his leg that bled. His response? Tears, while screaming at the top of his lungs "My leg is broken! My leg is BROKEN! I GOT to go to the DENTIST!"
    Go Tigers!

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    The kid and I had a difference of opinion the other day. He sat down and gave me a mean look and said that "my dad's going to hear about this". I don't know what "this" was, but decided to play along. I told him that I knew his dad was going to hear about it, because I was going to tell him. He went ballistic and said that HE would do the telling because I had been very rude to him and he wanted his daddy to know it.
    I get the idea that asking him to pick up his toys is a no no. Can't get much "ruder" than that evidently.

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