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Thread: Cutest things you've heard your kids say

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    80's Rule! karna68's Avatar
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    I didn't hear it first hand but my husband said he asked my son if he wanted something, food or drink or something (he's 5) and he said, "no, I'm cool" too funny! Oh and something I did hear first hand, we caught him saying dammit one time and we told him he shouldn't say that he should say darnit. So one day I said "darnit" about something and he goes, "no Mom, I say darnit, you say dammit" lol!

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    Hockey is life! EvaLaruefan's Avatar
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    awww...these stories are so cute.

    My son is 2 1/2 and I want him potty trained but he's still not interested, I asked him "when will you do peepee in the toilet" and he said "that's boring", I wanted to laugh but didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaLaruefan View Post
    awww...these stories are so cute.

    My son is 2 1/2 and I want him potty trained but he's still not interested, I asked him "when will you do peepee in the toilet" and he said "that's boring", I wanted to laugh but didn't.

    "Boring?" I wonder what he thinks boring means. Hehe. He sounds adorable.
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    all hot air Ana Bannana's Avatar
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    My niece (see pic in profile) talked of nothing but Dancing Dora all through the holidays. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she would twirl around and sing "Danciiiinnnnnggg Dooo-ooo-rrraaahhhh!" Well, being the dependable guy we know that he is, Santa delivered the goods. Yesterday, I was visiting the little munchkin, and asked her if she liked her new Dora Doll.
    Kami said "No."
    Aunti Ana asked "No? Why not?"
    Kami replied with a serious face "She no hab no feet."
    I looked at her mom, and she showed me the doll in question. Sure enough, it is one of those little motorized toys that kind of spin around. Kami said "See - this not Dora. Dora and Boots hab feet. Me no want it. Call Santa and tell him to take her back and gib her feets."
    Goodness I love that child!

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    Too funny Ana. Your niece is one smart cookie. She is also stunning. What a beautiful child she is.

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    Wait, what? ArchieComic Fan's Avatar
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    My son is 19 now but when he was little ( okay, I had to take a moment there for the times I miss) he saw the guy on the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign - the one with just the head and the bow tie. My son says "look mom, he has little arms and legs." I laughed so hard when I realized he was picturing a stick figure with a big head. It was so cute. I'll try to remember other things to post.

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    FORT Fanatic imajunkie2's Avatar
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    This was a few years ago but I still smile when I think about it..... My daughter was 3 and she was in the tub so I decided to clean the bathroom while in there. As I'm cleaning I notice my hubby has 3, yes 3 sticks of deodorant open. Knowing he is very fussy when it comes to his deodorant I make a mental note to ask him about it later. Later that night I'm in the bathroom and remember to ask him, so I holler down the hall "dear, you have 3 things of deodorant in here come do something with them." To which a small girly voice asks, "daddy has lots of odors mommy?"

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    FORT Regular MidnightSun's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid View Post
    That is so adorable. I love this thread.

    Your poor son. It's funny the things we as adults don't even think about.

    When my daughter was little, she went with me to the vets to have our dog neutered. When she asked why we were going to the vet, without thinking I said Max was going to get fixed. Her instant response was, "why, what's wrong with him?"

    Dag, that's so sweet of your daughter.
    The vet story made me think of when (several years ago) my then 6 year old was explaining to my then 4 year old about how Fred got fixed..."first they shaved off his hair down there...then, they put some numb on it...then they cut him... but Freddy didn't feel it...but he has to wear a diaper."
    Put some numb on it! Too cute.

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    Who Dat lildago's Avatar
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    Today my daughter dug out a ladybug costume that she wore for Halloween when she was one(and two). It's a little small for her now but she had fun wearing it. After a while, she called to me from the gameroom to come to the "big bug party" because it was really fun. I was busy cleaning and didn't really want to stop for this party.
    Here's the conversation:
    Her: "Come on, Mommy. I am a ladybug, the real lady at this party."
    Me: "Yes, you are."
    Her: "Bring RJ to the party. He can be an ant because he's small and he keeps getting into things and bothering me." ~RJ is her 1 year old little brother.
    Me: (laughing) "I'm not sure if I can come because I don't know what I can be?"
    Her: "Mommy, you are a beautiful butterfly."

    My heart melted! Of course I stopped what I was doing and went immediately to the "big bug party". I'm such a sucker!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    FORT Fogey just1paul's Avatar
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    I hope this is clean enough for here. I was at starbucks yesterday, and a young father was there with a little boy (I am lousy at ages, but the kid was small, but cute little bugger.) He was asking his dad all kinds of questions when all of a sudden (why does it seem all the noise dies out for these?) I heard " Daddy - mommy says I am a big boy. " "Yes Justin you are getting bigger" Does that mean my PEE PEE will grow bigger likes yours?" I choked on my bagel along with a few other people. Where do kids come up with this stuff like out of the blue?
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