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Thread: Shopping the Day after Thanksgiving....

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    And it's really annoying--it's one of the few weekdays I don't go to work, so a good day to do errands...picking up new socks, etc., and you can't get anywhere near the mall or even other stores, so many cars. I'm not looking for bargains, but I can't do regular shopping.
    Going to try Black Wedsnesday this year if I can get out of work early enough--good idea, Veruka! Thanks to your mom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;2141347;
    I prefer to pick one store and not go all over town. If my biggest need/want this year is electronics or housewares or etc., I go to whichever store I think has the best deals and then go home! Last year I found some excellent buys at Walmart and it wasn't even that crowded because everyone else was in the part of town where the malls and Target is.
    I agree that this is the way to do it. Get in, get your bargains, get home. I do'nt think I could survive making a day of it. My sister, mom and me do the same thing the day after Christmas. We make it a tradition to go to Target every single year on Dec 26. My sister has been known to scout the store a few days before to get an idea of what will be half off, and which aisles to hit first. (okay, I'll admit it - I do the same thing ... but she came up with it first).

    On both occasions (after Christmas and when I do after Thanksgiving shopping) I roll out of bed and go early, and then go home and go back to bed.

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    I went one year the day after Thanksgiving because I was just getting off work at 7 am and was already in town. When I saw that the checkout lines were backed up clear to the back of the store I put my stuff back and walked out. I'll never do that again. I do love to go shop on Dec. 26th though.

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    When I lived in Santa Barbara I had a friend that I would hit the stores with every Black Friday. Most of the time we wouldn't buy anything, we'd just hang out in Nordstroms eating the scrumptious samples they put out and window shopping. Of course, neither of us had a child then. I kind of miss that.

    My daughter's gym has a program where you can leave them for four hours on Black Friday for a small fee. I did that last year, but I admit I just went and saw a movie. I can't stand waiting in line to buy something.
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    Now that I tend to stay in Seattle for Thanksgiving, I never go shopping on Black Friday. I used to go with my mother when I'd go down to Portland for the holiday. She loves to shop. It exhausts me. This year I'm napping and going to a 5 o'clock basketball game.
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    I agree with those of you who think the savings isn't worth what you have to go through. I don't like crowds under any conditions and a crowd that is more like a mob is way down my list of fun get togethers. I don't like being shoved and stepped on.

    There used to be a lady in our neighborhood who went door to door before daylight that one day, to get people up to go shop. Not my door, because I don't live that close to her, but several of her neighbors used to talk about it. They didn't really care about shopping but just didn't know how to say NO to her. She passed away a few years ago and I think the group shopping thing went down the drain.

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    I usually don't do the day-after shopping. For one thing, I'm not nearly organized enough to know what I'm buying for people yet. And there's no way I'm getting up early to save some money. But I don't mind going to the mall in my hometown -- you see a lot of people, it's very social, and it's such a small town that even the crowds aren't that big, compared to how it would be on that day in the city where I live now. I shudder to even contemplate trying to get to a mall here on that Friday.
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    Some websites will have the same Black Friday prices as they do instore, but you have to be quick to place an order. I'd much rather do that in my jammies than get in a crowd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen;2141217;
    Me three! I have a friend who goes out with her sisters, mother, aunts and cousins every year. They make an event out of it - going to breakfast, splitting up to shop and meeting again for a late lunch. Just thinking of it makes me .
    I do this every year with my best friend and this year since we moved, she's coming here for Thanksgiving and we doing it here. We do the whole 9 yards including breakfast, etc.

    Where we used to live, we'd run into lots of other people we knew or people we had stood in line with at other stores and people would give you hints about other stores. If there was someone in line at Target who was on the phone with her friend at Toys R Us and they would find something out, they would always share the info and if one of us needed it, we split up and one go for all the Target stuff and one for the Toys R Us stuff meeting back together later. But it was more fun when I was throwing stereos over peoples heads to my friend on the outside of the crowd with the shopping buggy. I literaly could not believe I was heaving boxes of stereos at her in Target.
    Then we'd go to breakfast and the restaurant would be full of people we knew or had met that morning and everyone sharing their bargain stories and running from table to table. It was like a big party!

    And I've saved some BUCKS and that is the main reason I go. If I had more disposable income, I'd probably not do it. But I have saved some significant amounts on Black Friday. Enough to make it worth battling the crowds.
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    I'm too lazy to battle the crowds. I'm not an early riser to begin with so on my days off, I like to sleep in. Also, it gets really super crowded here to the point where you have to circle around for parking and that drives me nuts, too. I usually have all my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. I'm sure I miss out on the savings but I'd rather pay full price than deal with that. I could see how it could be fun if you went with friends and made it a party...but most of my friends are lazy like me, too, and are at home sleeping.

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