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Thread: Halloween 2006 Avatar Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty;2111456;
    If that is you in your avatar in costume well, Whooooo Hooo! Hubba Hubba Girlie!! You are a sight for sore eyes! I'm sure you won't be lonely around Halloween! My oh My! Gorgeous, You're absolutely gorgeous!

    Unfortunately, that is not me in my avatar; it's Dita von Teese. But bless your heart for even for a split second thinking that was me.
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    I'm in costume for Halloween! I wanted something to express my chemo curls and thought of blonde Jade from ANTM. Spent WAY too much time finding just the right "costume". Now I just need lots and lots of mini-size candy.
    Count your blessings!

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    These avatars are great, everyone!!! UNK, I work right down the street from the original "Cheers" bar in Boston, and every time I walk near there I keep my eyes peeled for a mailman who looks like you!!! That's great!
    (Something tells me that if I found him, though, his accent would be remarkably different from yours, though.)

    Raisin, does queenb know you've been typing on her computer and messing with her av? If so, is there any way she can ship you up to Boston so you can teach THE POMERANIANS how to use my computer? I could really use some help around here, and it would be wonderful if they could take care of some of the business around THE DOGHOUSE while I'm at work, slaving away for them!!!

    Gut, I'm blown away by how much your avvie does look like you! WOW. Great choice!!

    Everyone Else: great avvies. Keep 'em coming, keep 'em coming!!!

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    I just changed mine a few minutes ago. This is a scene I modeled in Maya for my Background Design and Layout class. We had to do a haunted house scene. I had about 15 different thumbnail sketches, and my teacher was like,"I really hope you do the tiki one. I've never seen that done for this assignment." So, here it is lol.

    Edit- Oh yes, I am the glowy tiki mask. I will devour your soul if you make me angry.
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    Pink Elephants on Parade!

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    I don't really look like anybody famous but this blonde valkyrie on the horse may represent me for Hallowen....
    But although we share the blonde hair and the pale skin type of look, I think she works out a lot more than I do and have watched her figure a bit better .....

    I'm dressing up as a dark jedi for Halloween, I'll be carrying a light saber not a spear, but this valkyrie avatar is close enough

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    Late to the bandwagon, but I had to cheer on my Tigers for as long as it lasted!!!!

    I've been growing out my bangs this past year, so sometimes the frustration of them makes me feel like a wookiee. Besides, Chewbacca is my favorite.

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