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Thread: San Francisco.......

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    San Francisco.......

    I will be visiting San Francisco October 17th for a few days and I would like to hear of some places to stay that are centrally located to most of the major attractions (Golden Gate, Nob Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, etc). I have never been to San Francisco and I don't want to stay somewhere that may not be safe to walk around at night.

    Couple of hotels I have read about elsewhere are Hotel Carlton, Francisco Bay Inn and Nob Hill Motor Inn. Good, bad or no comment????

    Looking for something reasonably priced (my idea of that is no more than $150/night).

    Any suggestions on rooms, restaurants, attractions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I live in the area, but don't have much experience with staying in hotels in the city. I have stayed here recently: http://www.themosser.com/ It is in the Financial District/South of Market area, close to BART and near the Sony Metreon, which is a must-see if your in SF. It's also within walking distance of Union Square.

    The hotel itself is charmingly old, yet very modern in decor. It's clean, cheap and provides you with everything you need in a basic hotel. The closer you get the Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, the more you're going to pay for essentially the same quality.

    I hope that helps some. Whatever happens, enjoy your visit! San Francisco is a lovely city.

    P.S. Bring a sweater, no matter what the weather report says.
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    Along with the sweater, bring an umbrella! It rained for 2 solid weeks when I was working there, in April of this year.

    An alternative to hotels is also Bed & Breakfasts. Here's a link to some with some good reviews:

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    I won't be much help because I don't remember the name of it but I stayed at a B&B near Fisherman's Wharf about 6 years ago. I think it had Renaissance in the name but I'm not sure. It was really very nice and within walking distance to a lot of the attractions there.

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    Ocean Beach B&B looks like a good one, if that's a desirable location. I've never been there so don't know about that.

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    I can give you the name of a GREAT!!! FANTASTIC!!! tour guide. Pricey but WORTH EVERY PENNY. We saw more, learned more and got to see stuff that most tourists don't get to see. Ate in fabulous restaruants and I would go back just to have him drive me around again.

    I was disappointed in Fisherman's Wharf. Heard about it my entire life, got there and it was just another tourist trap to me. Even the tour guide said that native San Fran's avoid it like the plague. He could reccomend better seafood places than there and he took us to one in Sausilito that was fabulous. Drove over the golden gate, went to Golden Gate Park, the Italian district, China town (both the tourist part and the native part), went to Haight/Ashbury, Pacific Heights, Twin Peaks. Just all over.
    PM me and I'll give you his info.
    We got fabulous pictures as he knew where to stop for us to get them. We got to drive down Lombard street (crookedest street), we saw so much, had such a great time and we not only drove, but we also got to get out and do a good bit of walking too. He was a treasure trove of history and info and very personable.

    He could also reccomend some great hotels. He's lived there 30 years and is part of the "national tour guide association".
    He MADE our day there the best day of the entire trip. I'd go back and do his wine country tour next.
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