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Thread: Adventures in Moving

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    William, just try to keep in mind how funny this will all be later, in say ten years or so.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    William, I hope as each day passes your condo turns out to be all you hoped it would be.

    Does the builder have any responsibility in all these mishaps at all? Do you get any type of reimbursement for all the time delays and hassles?

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    Thanks to everyone for their well wishes.
    This week's comedy of errors:
    The front door does not yet have the lock installed. We have had a security guard in the lobby 24 hours a day. One day last week I received a notice in my door telling me to fill in another registration form (I think it's about the third), give it to the security guard and receive my entrance electronic key. Not wanting to come home one day to find that I couldn't get it, I did take it to the security guard. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. The Customer Care Representative was still there and I asked her about it. Again, it was if I was as if I was speaking a foreign language. The next day I spoke to the Property Manager (according to my call display she was again calling from a location called "Liberty" - maybe she sells insurance on the side). She sounded as frustrated as I did. The problem was that I was talking to the night security guard. The day guard was supposed to show the night guard, but apparently that hadn't happened.
    Not everything is bad. Everyone who has seen my condo loves my hardwood floor. I moved from a crowded downtown neighbourhood to a less crowded area with parks nearby. Every day they are doing more work, including landscaping the property. The biggest problem was that I was one of the first people to move in. Most of the problems have been at least looked at right away. Once things are more settled I am probably going to enjoy decorating. I am certainly feeling more relaxed now than I was last weekend.
    "The sun rose promptly at dawn."
    Tom Clancy in his novel The Teeth of the Tiger

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