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Thread: What do you collect?

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    Reformed Perfectionist G.G.'s Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Lake Wildwood, CA
    Hmmm...I have a nice collection of stressballs, slinkies, kaleidoscopes and other desk toys.

    I also seem to collect stray pets. I don't keep them all, at least not permanently, but I have a hard time turning away a stray. I'll find it a home instead, even if it takes a few days. Weeks. Ok, one took a month. OK, so I kept one.

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    I collect postcards, buttons, indian art, all kinds of figurines and anything else I come in contact with. I hate throwing things away so just accumulate all kinds of stuff.

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    The Truth Is Out There ixcrisxi's Avatar
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    May 2003
    Moorhead, Minnesota
    I collect pins, postcards, stamps, and trading cards. I also collect hardbound books.
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    Bunnies!!! Stuffed animals, figures, posters, anything. I just don't have a real one!

    I also collect Postcards, Keychains, Audrey Hepburn movies (I get one every Valentine's day from Hubby), Dept 56 villages, Wizards (and other fantasy figures but a focus on wizards), Elfquest comics, Archie comics, State Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Anime stuff (when I can afford it), and Board games (I have two big cabinets full and I still have to stick some on top of them!). Umm... I guess I am a collector of collections. Drives my hubby crazy, but it makes me me so I don't think he minds. Oh, and Lions pins. And, I'm sure I have forgotten something... oh yeah, pretty rocks! Okay, I better quit, or I'll be writing this post forever!

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    FORT Fogey
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    Feb 2003
    I collect Journals too, but I fill them up first - I've written 217 Journals so far, since I was nine... I number them by the way, because I am really anal.

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    Cameras. But I'm really sad today because my best one was stolen yesterday. I've carried that camera with me almost every day for the last year, all the photos on my website were taken with it.

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    Oh, ouch! Sorry to hear about your camera blindart. That's awful!

    I collect movies. I also have an old doll collection that I gave up on years ago and button collection I haven't added to since I was a kid.

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    Princess Newbie LastDJ's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    you can fry an egg on the sidewalk
    I've always collected something from the childhood ones of rocks-stamps-coins to a shoe obsession in my teens. Now it's hearts, bears, tiny perfume bottles to scented soaps, hula girls, Barbie's, and fashion doll clothes patterns.

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    Wow, there there is a lot of different items being collected. I never collected anything while I was a kid.

    I just started collecting movies (DVD's of course).

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    COMBAT MISSIONS junkie! BravoFan's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    At the FORT
    I really don't collect anything...but I think shot glasses would be a good thing to start since they are so small....
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