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Thread: Most annoying commercial characters

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    FORT Fogey ScoutMom's Avatar
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    The ones that annoy me are the ones for the stolen credit card where they have one person you see with another person's voice. That just creeps me out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;2179768;
    Anyone else annoyed by those Citi credit card commercials? (I think it's Citi) The ones with the phony German guy, who constantly says "Rewarding! Very, very rewarding!"

    Gah! So stupid, and so. not. funny!
    Yes! They just now played it, I have to mute my TV every time it comes on. I can barely understand anything he says and the whole commercial is just annoying.

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    Resident curmudgeon Newfherder's Avatar
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    I hate and detest the Geico cavemen.
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    I am so with you, Newf. The first one was funny, but the rest have been annoying.
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    We have one for Rogers wireless phones. All the people in it are doing the jig. They do it while picking up groceries, getting a snowbound car unstuck and serving a christmas meal. It is so annoying.

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    I love the Geico caveman. In fact, maybe I should post under "I'm strangely attracted to"

    I hate the new Hardees commercial where the girl tastes the burger and then slumps down and says "dude, pull my finger"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;2179846;
    I love the Geico caveman. In fact, maybe I should post under "I'm strangely attracted to"
    I woudln't go so far as to say I'm strangely attracted to him but I do love those Caveman commercials as well.

    There's this commercial for (I think) Juicy Juice with this adorable little girl...but she's actually so cute and fake-looking that she annoys me for some reason...

    I know...I'm weird!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutMom;2179777;
    The ones that annoy me are the ones for the stolen credit card where they have one person you see with another person's voice. That just creeps me out!
    OMG...I love those commercials ScoutMom... ....I think they are hilarious and I'm always giggling when I see them!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    I DESPISE he BMW commercial that starts like a home movie of a young boy and his little sister opening their Christmas presents and shrieking their heads off, then it cuts to the adult boy zipping around in his new big toy - the BMW. I want to call BMW each time it airs and tell them I'm not buying the car, but...I'm thinking that wouldn't shake them too much.

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    The ones I hated from the first time I saw them, and continue to be annoyed by them:
    1. The Tony Sinclair Tanqueray commercials
    2. The current Sonic commercials, both the husband/wife and the 2 buddies ones
    3. Any of the Burger King commercials with the Burger King-costumed guy. STUPID STUPID STUPID
    4. The Yoplait Yogurt commercials with the annoying girls: "Ooo, this is Day At The Spa Good"...."No, this is Foot Massage Good"
    5. ALL of the Viagra and male-enhancement product ads

    The ones that have become annoying because of overplaying and loss of initial creativity:
    • The Slowski's from Comcast
    • Geico cavemen. Did you all recognize Richard Thomas as the caveman who ordered the roast duck? I guess Walton's Mountain hid a lot of old old caves.
    • the eHarmony ads
    • Dr. Scholls ads" "You gellin'? "I'm gellin' like a felon"
    • Fruit of the Loom guys... they occasionally have a nice commercial out now, but nothing will top the pure-genius country music video (You can't overlove your underwear), and they're now beginning to get a bit annoying.
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
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