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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    I have to go to Utah to see the changing of the colors. Only the Aspen change there, the rest are evergreen. Still, the colors are beautiful.
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    I'm leaving for Colorado on Wednesday, I hope I'm not too early to see the aspens turning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post

    I particularly love Yankee Candles. They come in jars, so you don't have to worry about ruining the appearance. I like them because they last a long time, and the fragrances are wonderfu!

    Redwood Cedar, Harvest, Spiced Pumpkin, Macintosh Apple are a few of my Fall favorites. They have a huge selection to choose from. It's fun just to go on a sniffing trip! Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries a decent selection, and if you have a Yankee store in your area...all the better!
    You don't have to convince me. I am a Yankee Candle fan and have quite a few. And there is a store here, I just haven't been yet. at the sniffing trip. I do that a lot when I'm in bed, bath and beyond. I like that they put them on sale there and will let you use the 20% off coupon on top of that.

    I've been in greenville in the fall before so I know it will be pretty. That is the ONLY time I've seen fall in my life. We are so near the mountains that we are definetly going to go up (we're an hour from Asheville, NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway) and get a great view of the leaves in their full glory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    Inisde, I like to burn fall scented candles like Apple Cinnamon. I love scented candles so if anyone knows of any great scents, let me know.
    My favourite is the Yankee Candle Co. Cranberry Chutney. Well, actually it's the Crooked River Cranberry, but that's local and really hard to find. The cranberry is suitable autumnal and is great for clearing stale cooking odours. I used to use them all the time before we got a range exhaust because Mr. Rattus would do up a huge curry stir-fry in the wok every Sunday, and without the assistance of the cranberry candle, the kitchen would smell mighty funky for days afterward.

    ETA: Just saw that Yankee candles are quite popular. I should always read the entire thread before I post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    I'm leaving for Colorado on Wednesday, I hope I'm not too early to see the aspens turning.
    If you go anywhere to the west of Denver you'll be up in higher elevation and I'm sure you'll see leaves changing color.

    My recommended tourist drive is that you go up I-25 to Highway 14 (west) and follow that up the Cache La Poudre River.

    It's Tour Number 4 on the following page:


    Trust me, you'll see beautiful sights on that drive, and it's a quick left off I-25 so you'll have easy access to it.

    Think of me when you're driving on that road, 'cause when I lived out there I road my bike up and down that Poudre Canyon all the time, for more than ten years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    I'm not a fashionista so if I want to wear white all year, I do. I don't let some rule dictate what I like to wear.
    Speaking of white, im looking for the white mini skirt i saw in june but that i couldn't afford(16.99 for a small piece of fabric). But i still wanted it, hopefully i can still find it, via being in the clearance rack and a major reconstruction of that price.

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    I'm so excited about fall.
    Coolness. Im a fall baby.
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    Rattus, you have reminded me that I've got a Cranberry Chutney Yankee around this house somewhere. This tells me that either I have more house than I need, or I have waaaay too many candles!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newfherder View Post
    Darn it, now I'm homesick for the first time in 25 years.
    Here's a picture of Mirror Lake on campus during the fall. Enjoy.

    And dude, you can't forget the Newport.

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    A thousand thanks, Unk! Good memories!
    "The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination."
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    Thanks for all the good candle suggestions. I hope to pick up some new scents in the next few weeks.

    Do any of you notice how early Christmas decorations come out? I've noticed the past few years they start showing up in September! I haven't been to Wally World this week but figure by the next time I go there will be at least a few Christmas decorations out.

    Last year I bought a tree after Christmas with the built on lights for half price so I can't wait to put it up. I can't even remember if I got clear or colored though because it's still in the box unopened, in our storage container. The days after Christmas are the best to buy all those gift boxes of perfumes, lotions, make-up, cards, decorations, etc.
    I've been sort of melancholy the past few years and not wanted to put up decorations for any of the fall holidays but I think this year I'll put some up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and definitely Christmas.

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