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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    Since I have step-parents coming out the wazoo they all have their own names. My inlaws are called by their Ukranian names Baba and Gido, then we have Grandma and Papa (my mom,her hubby) and Grandpa and Nana (dad, his wife) They were asked what they would like to be called (the steps) but they had no idea so they were assigned names (that they really like) because I don't agree with grandma so-and-so. That's how I worked it out.
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    In Swedish there is a difference between the grand-parents on each side. My dad's parents are called farmor and farfar (roughly translated "father's mother and father's father) My mum's parents are mormor and morfar (mother's mother and mother's father). It's really convenient since everyone has an own unique "name". It's so annoying when writing English and you must clarify by grandma X or Y.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    Almost all of my friends mom's have been insisting on NOT being referred to as "Grandma", or anything resembling it. They have all been coming up with names that have no "Grand" in them- like "Coco", etc. What do y'all think of that? I personally can't WAIT to be called Grandma! I think that it is ridiculous to resent being called Grandma or Nana when, in fact, you ARE a Grandma! How can people consider that as being a negative thing? Botox to "hide" your true age is one thing, but to balk at the term Grandma because it makes you feel old seems a little self-absorbed to me.
    I don't know, it doesn't matter much to me. My kids have a grandma and grandpa on my side and a DziaDzia and Busha on the other (Polish, but I mangled the spelling I"m sure). My sisters' kids have olma and olpa (which I think is German or Finn, I'm not sure). The only choice I thought was odd was my ex sister in law's mother in law wanted to be called "mama" which my SIL stated "no way" and used Grandmama.

    A friend of mine from work her dad has the kids call him by his old police force nickname of "Cobra", which everyone thought was odd but the kids seem to do just fine with.
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    All of my parent's granchildren call them Nanna and Poppy. (Started because my mom refused to be a "grandma" at the age of 43.)
    My husband's parents are referred to as Grandma and Grandpa, titles which they have always LOVED!

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    We called our grandparents Baba and Gigi. We couldn't say Gido properly.
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    My mother was called Grandma by my children, but my sister's kids called her Nonnie....then when her greats started coming, she had them call her G-G..(for greatgrandma) Every few years my sister would come out to Cali with the grandkids and boy it was confusing....don't know how she kept up with all her names
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    my FIL's first reaction when we told him we were having a baby (8 years ago), he was upset about being called Grandpa. Selfish jerk.

    My kids call their grandmothers "Grandma LastName" and "Gah" (because she couldn't say grandma) and her Grandfather "Pop" (I prefer "dope" but that doesn't sound so good )

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    Apparently I had a difficult time pronouncing Grandma and could only get out the Ma. Because I was the first born, this forever sealed my maternal grandmother's fate.
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    I had a Nana & a Grandpa on one side, and a Grandma & Grandpa/Grandfather on the other. I don't know why, but I remember at a young age thinking that it was so easy to keep them apart because they were "different" groups based off the names.
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    My son isn't even dating and I already told him if he has kids that I want to be called Nana. He calls both his grandparents "grandma" and "grandpa" but when he and I are having a conversation about the grandparents, we say "grandma/grandpa (first name)" so that we'll know which one we're talking about.

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