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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott View Post
    Very, very quickly.
    LM*O! I once tried to bring ice cream sandwhiches home -- and the ended up looking like the spent pods on Alien.....

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    I'm not putting this in the recipe thing, because it really isn't a recipe but more a kitchen clean up. I had a few vegetables that I needed to use and here's how.

    1/2 each of a red, green and yellow bell pepper, 2 sliced yellow squash and 1 sliced zucchini, 3 carrots, 1 large onion and 1/4 stick of smoked sausage, I sliced everything to a pretty consistant size. I sauteed all these, after microwaving the carrots for a couple of minutes first.

    I then made a white sauce from Promise margarine and skim milk and flour and added 1 cup of fat free cheese.

    I boiled some wide noodles, made a nest of them on each plate, spooned some vegetables on the noodles and covered the vegetables with the cheese sauce. Then I sprinkled each plate with Pinzey's Old World Seasoning.

    Some of you might like to try this, or some variation of it with different vegetables, chicken breasts, or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun84 View Post
    OH, IKEA!!!

    We don't have one of those in my city dadgum!!! (750,000 people and no Ikea!) My wife and I got by one while we were on vacation this year and I don't think the rear shocks of the car will ever be the same!

    meatballs at IKEA????? they have food???
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel View Post
    meatballs at IKEA????? they have food???
    I was about to post the same thing. Is it the same place? I thought they sold furniture. Obviously, there are no IKEAs around here.

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    Sun84: Hi from a fellow Canuck prairie gal! You're #1 for mail order? So you live in N. Sask? We happen to have an IKEA here and it's wonderful!

    gabriel and anemone: you never knew? OMG They have a Swedish food market in the store as well as a small restaurant and a bistro. You can get breakfast for $0.99 before 11am, every day. Their swedish meatball, lingon jelly, potatoes with their cream sauce is to die for. Or get a hotdog and soft ice cream cone on your way out. You may go for the furniture, but you leave with some food!

    check out: http://www.ikea.com.sg/store_service...ish_market.asp
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    Thanks for the info misskitty. There really isn't an IKEA within ... oh, 100 miles or so, so I've never been to one. Learn something new every day!

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    We don't have IKEA here either and I also had no idea that they had food!

    Our grocery stores here (Alabama) actually have "cooler" bags that you can buy to keep frozen food cold on the way home. They are made of some silvery material and have handles and they sell for about $4.00. My Mom bought one last summer and she loves that thing - she takes it with her when she goes to the store and packs the frozen/cold stuff into it and it stays cold for awhile. This also solves the annoying problem of having tons of plastic bags to deal with when you get home.
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    doxie, I was going to suggest that too; they actually keep the frozens frozen for a long time. Of course, down here you'd have the AC going full blast the whole time too, which helps too. Another thing that will work, believe it or not--if your store still has paper grocery bags, have them put the frozen stuff in 2-3 bags nested together, and you'd be surprised at how long it will stay cold. Even a regular corrugated box will keep items from puddling for a while.
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    I finally went to the IKEA here in Detroit. I don't get it. While I did see a bed I might like, I don't understand the devotation to the store.

    As for ice cream, while I like it now and then that is one thing I can walk away from easily.

    Dressing, I figure if you are forty and above you should be banned from dressing like a twenty year old. It's a little scary out there sometimes. I was shopping with my teen for something for her to wear to a golden wedding party and saw two women older then me trying out items meant for her age group. It just looked bad. While they were both slim women, the fashion just didn't look good at all on them and it accented where the skin was getting looser and it showed far more then what I wanted to see. They thought they were hot per their comments to each other, and they both would have looked so much better wearing something more classic and providing a little more coverage of some sagging areas.
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