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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog
    Well there was a Harry and David outlet store there and I HAD to go in and try all the samples. OK, now I want a Harry and David gift basket. I did settle for a small bag of wasabi peas for now.
    Mmm... Moose Munch. I went to a Harry & David in an outlet mall in Colorado last year and they had the best multi-grain tortilla chips I have ever tasted.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog;2533392;
    We did see and I wish I had had my camera, a most strange site. We went North to a little town called Gaffney. They have their water tower next to the interstate. Gaffney grows a lot of peaches, so the tower is shaped like a peach. It's a fairly short water tower and fairly huge and the peach was very lifelike with the crease down one side of it. The water tower actually looked like a gigantic butt. We have laughed all evening about the "peach butt". It really was one of those "what were they thinking" sights because you could not look at this thing and see "peach", it looked more like a really rosy behind.
    There is a giant peach/butt water tower in Clanton, AL. It's also just off the interstate and looks more like a behind than a peach. That's so funny - I thought that the one here HAD to be the only one like that. I actually think I have a picture of the one in Clanton. I'll try to find that!
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog;2533392;
    Well you guys have "Harry and David jinxed me". We had to go "up the road a piece" to pick up a part (my husband is trying to fix our refrigerator door himself) and there was an outlet mall. He wanted to stop (1st unbelievable happening as he never wants to go shopping and especially to malls) because he needs work boots. Well there was a Harry and David outlet store there and I HAD to go in and try all the samples. OK, now I want a Harry and David gift basket. I did settle for a small bag of wasabi peas for now.
    Sorry about that. What's funny is I just bought a bag of wasabi peas today at Trader Joe's.

    About the outlet malls, I've heard many people say you have to really know your prices to get deals there - that it's definitely not a sure thing. I'm not a big shopper and therefore have no business speaking out about it, so I did the next best thing and Googled the subject. Imagine my surprise to read the following (no disparaging articles immediately surfaced). It seems if you're willing to settle for somewhat outdated items, or you're willing to get a lower quality item, you can get a good deal:

    Do Outlet Malls Really Offer Good Deals?

    Story Updated: Aug 31, 2006 at 8:25 AM PDT
    By By Herb Weisbaum
    MARYSVILLE - Paying full retail is so yesterday. Shoppers these days want quality merchandise at a discount price. And that's just what outlet stores promise. But can they deliver the goods?
    To find out we teamed up with Consumer Reportsmagazine to find out.

    These stores promise big discounts and great deals on quality merchandise. Most of the shoppers we spoke to felt that's what they found here.

    "Shopping here really helps save a lot of money," one woman shopper told me.

    A guy who had just come out of the Nike outlet store seemed pleased. "Great prices, great deals," he said.

    But do you really bag the bargains at outlet stores? And more importantly, what about the quality?

    To find out, I headed to the Seattle Premium Outlet Center near Marysville and went undercover, shopping with one of the best bargain hunters I know, my wife Debra. We hit store, after store, after store.

    At the Restoration Hardware outlet, Deb found paint selling for more than 30% off the retail store price. Normally it's $32 a gallon. Here it was just $19.99. Same paint, just an older style label on the can.

    Next stop, the Ralph Lauren outlet, where she found a yellow mesh-knit Polo shirt for $49.99. We found the exact same shirt selling at a big name department store in Seattle for $65.

    Then if was off to Borders outlet where many of the best sellers are 1/3 off and some of the overstock specials are amazing. A coffee table book, "Diana, the Portrait" is selling for $31.50 on Amazon. At the outlet store it's just $4.99!

    One of the best bargains we found was at Brooks Brothers. Deb got a cotton sweater vest, in last year's color for $23.99. The tag said it had been reduced from $125. And indeed, we went to the Brooks Brothers retail store in Seattle we found the exact same vest - in this year's color - selling for $125.

    After 7 hours of shopping, I can honestly say that we found a lot of good deals and a few real steals and some prices that were just OK.

    Consumer Reports came to the same conclusion when it surveyed more than 6,000 outlet shoppers for its May issue.

    Good, But Not Rock Bottom

    A third of the readers we surveyed felt that the outlet prices were good, but they weren't always rock bottom," says Senior Editor Tod Marks, who ran the project.

    "On any given day, you could probably beat an outlet price at a boutique or department store when they run a super sale," Marks says.

    Of course, at the outlet store you don't have to wait; everything is on sale every day. But just what are they selling?

    At J. Jill, most of the things we found were last season's merchandise and overstocks. But there were a few new arrivals.

    The Nike Outlet is packed with older style shoes you won't find at Nike Town any more, which is why the prices are so low. They also have cosmetic seconds that have minor imperfections.

    I bought a pair of cosmetic second Nike Shocks Lethal. They sell at the full retail stores for $100. But these have a minor blemish you can barely see and cosmetic flaw in the stitching that's almost unnoticeable. I paid $49.99.

    Here's something else we learned on our shopping trip: Some outlet stores sell things that were never in a regular retail store.

    For instance, some of the clothes at the Nike Outlet were made just to be sold here. Same thing at J. Crew and Brooks Brothers. If you see a Brooks Brothers tag with a 3-4-6 logo, it means the item was made specifically for Brooks Brothers outlet.

    "If you are making it especially for the outlet, does it differ in quality from what you'll find in a regular retail store? And the fact is, is does differ," says Tod Marks of Consumer Reports.

    That's because the manufacturer needs to cut some corners to keep the price down for the outlet version. Sometimes it's a cheaper material. Sometimes it's less detail in the fit and finish.

    For instance, a short-sleeve T-shirt at the Eddie Bauer outlet was $3.50 less than a similar shirt from the Eddie Bauer store. It doesn't have the fancy stitching around the collar and the sleeve. If you can live without that, and want to save a few bucks, the outlet version is the way to go.

    We bought one pair at the Gap outlet for $29.99. The other was full retail, $42.50. The more expensive pair is made from slightly better material. It has a button at the top, while outlet model has a hook. There's also a Gap label on the back. The outlet brand doesn't have that. The cheaper pair isn't inferior - just different.

    By the way, these outlet stores do run sales, so if you time it right, you can save even more. Many also offer coupons via the Internet. So be sure to check the outlet mall's Web site for coupons.

    What about returns? Most outlet stores stores have fairly liberal return policies (although all sales are final at the Restoration Hardware outlet). Just remember, you probably can't bring an unwanted item back to the regular retail store. You'll probably be required to take it to the outlet store. If you don't live near the mall, that would be a major hassle.

    Bottom line: based on my experience, an outlet store can be a great palace to shop. You can save money on quality items. You just need to be sure you know exactly what you're buying and how that "discount" price compares to the actual retail price.
    Do Outlet Malls Really Offer Good Deals? | KOMO-TV - Seattle, Washington | News Archive


    Shopping for value at outlet stores
    By Marshall Loeb
    Article Launched: 07/15/2007 01:45:44 AM PDT

    NEW YORK - Bargain-hunters are often lured by name-brand goods at outlet malls, but does shopping there really save you money? Yes, say the experts at Consumer Reports. If you shop carefully, you can get discounts of up to 50 percent at designer outlets.

    Here are five tips for getting the most for your money:

    Shop midweek. For the best selection with the least hassle, Consumer Reports recommends visiting outlets at midweek. Arrive as early as you can to beat the hordes.

    Prepare to compromise. While many outlet malls offer a wide range of designer brands, the discount stores are unlikely to carry the same stock as the store you typically shop at. The Banana Republic and Gap outlets, for instance, carry an entirely separate line of low-cost clothes. This isn't always the case, however. The styles on sale at outlet stores may also be discounted because they're out of season.

    Buy irregulars. If you're more concerned with price than perfection, look for "irregulars" - clothes with minor defects. Irregulars are deeply discounted and the flaws are typically too small to be noticeable.

    Watch for sales. Before you head to the outlets, check your favorite stores' Web sites for coupons. Many outlet malls let you sign up to receive e-mail alerts when your favorite brands go on sale.

    Take advantage of frequent-shopper cards. If you regularly shop at the same mall, you can save a lot by joining the outlet chain's discount club. Prime Outlets, a chain with shopping centers throughout the country, offers the 1 Club card and Chelsea Premium has the VIP Lounge Club. Both memberships are free. Just sign up online to begin receiving weekly discounts via e-mail. For more info visit Primeoutlets.com or Premiumoutlets.com.
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Would you believe there are THREE giant peach water towers that look like butts? There's another one in Peach County, in South Georgia
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    somewhere there is a water tower designer that is having a huge laugh at the expense of 3 Southern towns!

    Rosekid, thanks for that info. I'm not a huge shopper either and have only been to an outlet mall once or twice before and never for a long period of time. I guess its kind of like Sam's Club. We can get some really great deals at Sam's, but we have to watch it as some things are actually cheaper at Walmart.
    I do think we got a hugely great deal on the jacket and it was worth the trip for that. But my husband's work boots were not cheaper. I think you just need to be careful what you shop for and know the prices like the article you posted said.

    Don't you just love those wasabi peas? This is the first place I've been able to find them in SC. It's something about the Wasabi nose burn that has me addicted to them.
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I love the Prime Outlets mall in Castle Rock, Colorado. I swear every time I go out there they've added more stores. You do have to watch the prices though, it's not always cheaper to shop outlet malls.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I swear I think many outlet stores are having fewer bargains than they used to, but maybe that's because my vision of an outlet store is a *steep* discount. I still have a great little Gap black dress I got for about $10 at a Gap outlet years ago, but in recent years when we go to the outlets, they seem to have pretty much the same thing I see in regular stores, and the prices aren't so different that I feel like I'm getting a huge bargain.
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Some outlet stores are definitely better than others, and I generally only shop in the ones whose retail shops are far too expensive for me to even walk into. Hilfiger is pretty good, compared to their retail stores - my husband buys most of his casual clothing there (Hilfiger sizes are cut very large, and it's one of the few places he can get clothes that fit without having to go to a men's big-and-tall specialty shop). Roots is another good one - their outlet stuff is pretty rock-bottom...for instance, you can get a shirt for as little as $5.
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I was in AC this past week and had reservations(comped) at Resorts Hotel & Casino. Well, when we got there, i saw Gervase Peterson from Survivor 1(and actually thought he looked kinda hot ) with his daughter. She's tall and cute. Well, that wasn't the only thing that happened that night, Resorts oversold the rooms and we and others were deferred to another hotel......in Pleasantville, NJ. How nice, huh? It took us about half an hour to get there and when we did get there, we met with Gervase again except this time i did point him out and the hotel manager had already recognize him. We ended up at the Clarion hotel. As i scoped the room i noticed that they were in the middle of construction and that pretty much ruined the visual of much of the lobby. The room was alright, except for the part where the phone didn't work and i couldn't order takeout. Their was no mini fridge and microwave. But they did have HBO which allowed me to catch The Last Kiss.
    The next day, we went back to Resorts and were asked not to wait in line due to the previous night's ordeal and we got our room(after the 4 hour wait) at the Rendezvous tower which is where you need to stay if you want the nice side of the hotel and a comped dinner where i asked for merlot.
    I have to say though, i found some ink and photo paper at one of the .99 cent shops there (i always go there), and i also found some metal handcuffs Who'd have thought?
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I just have to say that I am disappointed in People magazine. It really has "jumped the shark" Now the only good entertainment magazine is just that"entertainment weekly" It just seems now every issue is Britney and Lindsay. Its not really people magazines fault, I guess people really do buy this trash up, so they have to compete. But they use to put pics of celebs on for a good reason, or were just spoantanous(sp) about it. Everytime I am at the drug store, I just shake my head and say to people magazine in my head "People Magazine I am disappointed in you"(lol)

    Its not the magazine it use to be. I am sure they have more buyers picking it up in retail shops, which they make more money on anyway. But I would like to know what there cancelled subscription rate is like lately. Because it is not really aiming to the same audience it use to be. Its now the magazine that doesn't know what it wants to be.
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