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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    I'm reading these posts and feeling less guilty about my feelings toward my "baby" sister, thats for sure. My older sister and I are bestest buddies, but even though I do love the younger one and don't mind hanging out for a while, I've had to swear off trying to do anything together much beyond family stuff. She stays on such an emotional roller coaster that I just can't deal with it anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    Damn, you girls make me glad I don't have any sisters.

    You are lucky. My friends have provided me with more love, more support and more of a family than my sister. She is a bitter, unhappy woman who hides behind Christianity to spew her vile hate of everyone who doesn't believe like she doe and I fall into that category. I have heard her say stuff that I thought; I'm pretty sure God doesn't feel that way. She has to keep telling you what a great Christian she is because honestly by listening to her and seeing her actions, you'd have no other way of knowing it. IT's not her religion I object too. I am a Christian, but I object to her using it, being a hypocrite with it and hiding behind it.

    I will be lucky if she stays out of my life and I am fine with it. I do NOT need toxic people in my life. I've done some major housecleaning and gotten rid of the needy, clingly, martyr types, life sucking, toxic people in my life and I feel 100% better. I have surrounded myself with family and friends that are loving and supportive with good outlooks on life and its made all the difference. My sister is like the church lady that Dana Carvey did on SNL years ago. I do not even wish to have contact and she doesn't contact me. I did it al and I quick doing it and she hasn't noticed or if she has, she hasn't made an effort to call me, that tells me that she cares not very much about me. She is consumed with jealousy where I am concerned and its come out in a lot of different ways and especially after our dad died. I am better off without her in my life.

    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp View Post
    Well, I'm someone who has 3 sisters. They can be a pain but they are my best friends too.
    I use to wish for this, but know now it will never happen and its not for lack of trying on my part. I am fairly close to one brother and that is enough for me now.
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    I have no contact with my sister who is 5 years older and I am perfectly happy. She is a self centered person who only thinks about herself no matter what. For years, I would send cards, call her etc., and the only time I ever got a call was when she needed something, and her kids were/are no better. I would buy them gifts for birthdays, holidays etc., never got even a verbal thanks. The straw that broke the camels back so to speak, was the one year when I was not doing well at all financially and I for Christmas put a 20 dollar bill in each of the cards (2 kids by the way - and I took that out of my grocery money) and the response I got was 20 dollars , I can't do anything with 20 dollars. BTW I never got gifts from any of them, not that it's neccessary to receive gifts, but I did this for years to keep the peace with my Mom. Well Mom understands now why I don't do anything.
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    [QUOTE=gabriel;1976972] I for Christmas put a 20 dollar bill in each of the cards (2 kids by the way - and I took that out of my grocery money) and the response I got was 20 dollars , I can't do anything with 20 dollars. BTW I ne

    Oh gees Gabriel! How awful. That they only time they acknowledge you is to complain! I guess I'm really lucky. I've got a wonderful sister (and brother). We're not best friends or anything, but I can turn to them whenever I want a shoulder to lean on...or offer mine to them. But your sister and niece/nephew sound AWFUL! It's better not to have family like that.

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    Gabriel, I completely empathize with you. Just because someone is family, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your self-respect and happiness for them, because people like this won't give an inch, related or not.
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    I hope this does not qualify as tv talk...We have direct tv coming today to hook up four rooms of our house. I asked how long it would take, and they said an hour or two. A lady at the gas station said it took them five hours when they had their house done!! My husband does not want them in the house alone, and I volunteered for the library sale this evening. Did anyone else have this done? Just wondering how long it took, because if one or two hours is not really possible I should probably let the library know I won't make it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    Just to clear things up, I do love my twin sinister. Some days I just don't LIKE her.

    Little "Miss Complicated" had a bit of a hissy fit in the morning trying to find the right visor and the right bag to take things to the race in. And she was "instructed" to go later in the day by her friend who doesn't even live here. She didn't get instructions of where the gates were, (I did that), or even know that the hospitality suite we got into had catered food, in chafing dishes! and free drinks! (I knew that and she didn't believe me). So the double-burger I had to chow down fast before we left didn't sit so well.

    Anyhoo, she refused to leave the seats we had at the front of the suite to go and wander the grounds, walk around the pit area, and the paddock area of which we had passes to, because she could lose her seat which she happened to like (for 6 hours). Even if we had to sit for 1.5 hours between races and do nothing. She said I could go myself, but I know she doesn't like to be left alone (someone might just want to talk to her that she doesn't want to talk to) so I stayed like a good little sister.

    So I missed out on some great stuff but it was a great afternoon nonethless! I'll post good things in the other thread.
    My twin sister used to be like this with me......in high school. Now we have a lot of fun together. We don't see each other as often as I'd like to but when we do, it's always a blast. I also know that I can count on her for anything and she can count on me as well. We are also close to our 3 other siblings as well. Very close family in respect to most families these days!

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    In defense of sisters...

    I adore my sisters. We're very close, and they're even closer with each other. I can't imagine life without them or my nieces and nephews. (Hence the Uncle David)
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    I was probably closer with my sister who died than I was with the other two. Now, I'm closer to my older sister who as I said is old enough to be my mother. She has two kids who are my age, one a few months younger, the other just a year later than that one. Anyway, when I was growing up we had very little in common, of course. I can only remember one time when we had "sister" time. When I was about 12 or 13 we sunbathed together one day. Well, fast forward about forty years and I get a call from her asking me to come and see her through a hard time. She was getting a divorce. I spent a week with her, went to court with her and held her hand at night while she cried. I also backed that fool ex husband down when he came over that night and was going to come in whether or no. Well, anyway, she is now in her eighties and I go to visit her when I can. I call her and send her something for her birthday and Christmas and a few other times during the year. I like her now. The other sister (Mrs Bucket, pronounced bouquet, for you all who love "Keeping Up Appearances" as much as I do) is fine in very small doses. No way could I live through a day to day existance with her.

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    My sister just came back from a one week vacation and I can't wait to see her. We are best friends and see each other about twice a week. We always had a close relationship, even when we went through the bickering phase.

    On the other hand, my husband is not on speaking terms with 2 of his brothers, which makes for very uncomfortable family visits, even more so now that my son recognizes his "uncles" and goes to them.

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