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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    I've never tipped a bagger in my life. I'll have to remember that next time I actually have someone take my bags to the car for me. I do, however, tip the maid every day when I stay at a hotel rather than waiting until the last day. As someone who travels frequently for business pointed out, it's not always going to be the same person cleaning your room and they seem to take extra care once they realize they will get tipped every day.
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    I never received a tip as a bagger, and that was long before I became a curmudgeon.
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    I don't tip the baggers either. I only tip them if they help me haul all my junk out to the car.

    I tip the maid service every day at hotels, too. I used to leave it at the end of the trip and realized once that some lucky maid got 5 days worth of tips when she only worked 1 day--and the poor lady who cleaned my room the other days got stiffed.

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    Since some of you like my paper/plastic idea, let me elaborate. I make an effort to put all the cold things on first, leave a little gap and then put non-perishables on. Then I say to the bagger, "After these cold things, I'd like paper". Things are back to normal here... my kids are back in college after break and it is just the youngest and me back to our routine. Routine is good.
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    We have baggers that carry your groceries out at my little local store. It's usually high school kids or special needs adults. They are always nice and I feel horrible when it's raining or snowing out and they have to go out. I have tried tipping them but they are not allowed to accept tips and turn them down.

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    Oy! I thought i was the only who hadn't tipped a bagger. Though, generally the cashier bags my stuff and theirs no tip jar...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yardgnome;2297932;
    I have tried tipping them but they are not allowed to accept tips and turn them down.
    That's when you just drop a buck on the ground and say "Look, somebody must have lost some money. It's your lucky day."

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    I've never tipped a bagger. And I've BEEN a bagger, and no one ever tried to tip me. However, the store I worked for rarely had us take anyone's groceries out for them, nor do I ever have any bagger do that for me. I prefer the self-checkout anyway -- I can usually do it faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty;2296710;
    You are too young to remember, but bagging and even gas stations had full service. And it was included in the price of goods. Now you have to pay more for service to gas your car. And I think that if I have to scan and bag all my own groceries, then I should get another 5% off because it is saving the store money.
    Actually, I remember all of that really well...we still have a couple of gas stations with full service! And correct me if I'm wrong someone, but my dad said that it's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey?

    And now that I think about it, when I was maybe 4, there was always a bagger at the grocery store that my mom tried to get, he knew exactly how she wanted things paceged, and he ALWAYS carreid them out for her, msybe because she had 2 children under 5. I liked him...he gave me cookies. But I haven't actually seen a bagger take any bags out for a while, I guess it's all a thing of the past here.
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    I luvvv U-Scan-Its!! I don't think there are enough of them out there.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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