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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    I think it's called "FEAR AND FLYING" but I'm not sure.

    How funny that you just posted this question and I just spotted it tonight because I went to my local library tonight to update my contact info so I could use my account online, etc.

    I went there only for the purpose of updating the info -- actually, it was really just me telling them that nothing had changed in five years!

    I had no intention of checking anything out of the library when I went there tonight but I ended up borrowing two DVDs which, at the time, seemed completely unrelated: (1) Airplane; and (2) Flight 93.

    Weird, huh?

    And now this!

    Anyway, back to you, nilesgirl, back to you! I tried Googling this routine and didn't have much luck, but perhaps someone with a bit more time tonight can give it a whirl, too.

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    I actually just found it. It's Airline Announcements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott;2202324;
    So Lucy, what flavor Kool-aid do you serve with playdoh?
    I'm not Lucy, but I used to love the grape Kool-aid they gave us in Sunday School after having playdoh for a snack, I mean craft

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    WE are going to the anniversary celebration of the battle of Cowpens today.
    It was a major turning point in the Revoluntionary War. They are doing reenactments and have a camp set up that shows what life was like in the late 1700's during the Revolution.

    Should be fun and exciting. It also counts as homeschooling hours for our daughter. Fortunately, its only 1/2 hour away as I don't feel like a lot of driving today.
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    Right behind you

    Woman Dies After Water-Drinking Contest

    FYI, you can drink too much water. I know someone who got so sick 'cause she drank too much water in a short period of time (without eating anything) that her natural levels (salt, electrolytes, etc.) was completely off kilter and she had to be hospitalized for a few days. It was really touch and go for a while 'cause she was elderly too boot. I hate contests like this. All this for a stupid video game. (I didn't post this in current events 'cause it didn't seem appropriate there. Mods, I hope it's OK in the Klatch.)

    Woman Dies After Water-Drinking Contest
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Jan. 14) - A woman who competed in a radio station's contest to see how much water she could drink without going to the bathroom died of water intoxication, the coroner's office said Saturday.

    Jennifer Strange, 28, was found dead Friday in her suburban Rancho Cordova home hours after taking part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

    "She said to one of our supervisors that she was on her way home and her head was hurting her real bad," said Laura Rios, one of Strange's co-workers at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. "She was crying and that was the last that anyone had heard from her."

    It was not immediately know how much water Strange consumed.

    A preliminary investigation found evidence "consistent with a water intoxication death," said assistant Coroner Ed Smith.

    John Geary, vice president and marketing manager for Entercom Sacramento, the station's owner, said station personnel were stunned when they heard of Strange's death.

    "We are awaiting information that will help explain how this tragic event occurred," he said.

    Initially, contestants were handed eight-ounce bottles of water to drink every 15 minutes.

    "They were small little half-pint bottles, so we thought it was going to be easy," said fellow contestant James Ybarra of Woodland. "They told us if you don't feel like you can do this, don't put your health at risk."

    Ybarra said he quit after drinking five bottles. "My bladder couldn't handle it anymore," he added.

    After he quit, he said, the remaining contestants, including Strange, were given even bigger bottles to drink.

    "I was talking to her and she was a nice lady," Ybarra said. "She was telling me about her family and her three kids and how she was doing it for kids."

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    OMG! That's just horrible Lois!! Trying to win something for her kids and it ends up like this!!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    This is so sad. Some of these contests should really be researched first to see what the potential hazards are. What a loss for this woman's family.

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    No common sense.
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    I can see how people might not know that water can kill you. The essence of water is it's innocuousness and purity...how can that be bad for you? I can see only worrying about literally bursting a bladder as a side effect. In psych/linguistics it's called the Whorfian hypothesis, after a former insurance investigator who noticed that it was common for people to toss lighted cigarette butts into "empty" barrels that had previously held flammable liquids, because we think "empty" means inert, harmless, etc....forgetting the explosive fumes that remain of course. So not so much a lack of common sense on the part of the participants, who also probably assumed the show wouldn't ask them to do something actually dangereous.
    The show now,...they should have had someone check up. Like that show that dumped live turkeys out of helicopter over a supermarket parking lot at Thanksgiving, thinking they could fly. Splat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWS;2204419;
    Like that show that dumped live turkeys out of helicopter over a supermarket parking lot at Thanksgiving, thinking they could fly. Splat.
    I thought the WKRP in Cincinnati version of that was hysterical, do you mean it really happened???
    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

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