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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    I do know people that have had p ermanent makeup and it looks good. However the lipliner looks funny if you don't wear lipstick. I usually don't put on makeup when I stay at home, so seeing my friend makeupless with the lipliner looks weird. But when she is all madeup, it looks great.

    Know several more that had the eyes done and they like it and it looks good.

    Miss Kitty, have you tried Mary Kay mascara or Clinique? Both are good for people with sensitivities.

    I quit wearing mascara because I look like a raccon by the end of the day. I have tried a variety of brands, waterproof and not and it still ends up under my eyes. So I usually don't do mascara.
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    I have worn the Almay brand makeup for that reason..sensitivities. My eyes are really sensitive to a lot of things. Almay eyeliner really is a good gentle eyeliner.
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    Okay, last post about my hair.

    So, I was cycling home, still hemming and hawing about what to do, when I saw a fellow with a mullet cycle by. "Hmmmm" I thought, "perhaps I should get one of those - business in the front, party in the back". Fortunately I happened to be a couple of blocks from George's, my 75 year-old Greek barber, so I pedalled hard, screeched to a halt, ran in and got my head shorn. If even the vaguest notion of getting a mullet passes through my head, I don't deserve to have hair. Anyway, looks good. I think I'll keep it short.
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    Rattus, looks like we're both doing something with our hair today! I decided to color mine a different color. Forget the name but it will be like a dark auburn (I'll do it after BB Allstars and Last Comic Standing). My hair is dark brown and I've had it auburn before but haven't for a long time. I guess I feel I need a change

    I'm glad you made a decision about yours and are happy about it. Remember, you can always let it grow if you change your mind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    who has had permanent tatto makeup? Like eyeliner, lip liner, that kind of thing. I've heard some horror stories. And I guess it contains metal so you can be allergic to it?
    My sister in law does this for a living. I am amazed at what people pay for this. In my opinion, I can buy a crapload of eyeliner for the price of this.

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    It sounds soooo painful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Songstres View Post
    In California they were Pick 'n Save stores before they were Big Lots.
    I believe Big Lots purchased the Pick 'n Save chain and changed the name if my memory serves me correctly. But then again I might just be having a senior moment.

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    They did, Unk. It was Pick 'N Save here before it was Big Lots.
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    I can just picture what that permanent eyeliner and lipliner will look like down the road when these people are 80 years old and their skin is all wrinkled and saggy. If I did anything I would do my eyebrows. But I wouldn't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel
    ...Your problem isn't the alcohol stinging your eyes, but NOT ENOUGH alcohol IN YOU to not feel the sting.. Booze misskitty BOOZE!
    Oh gabriel, you always have my best interest at heart I must try that!

    I have tried several brands of mascara ladies, but I'm sure a lot of their formulas have changed recently, so I should give them a go again. As for the permanent thing, I would think you'd have to stain your entire lip somehow so you don't looked just lined. And if the liner thing is super expensive, well that answers that.
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