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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by Eastcoastmom View Post
    Pikachu, have fun on your date! I'm quite surprised that a pretty lady like yourself, with such a nice personality, isn't asked out all of the time.

    The tv show Hostages was filming today in our county park one town over. The catering company or whomever cooks for production asked the fire department where my hubby works p/t, if they could rent the upstairs banquet room for preparing and serving the meals for the crew. This is not the first time the fire dept has rented out their space as they are a hop, skip, and a jump, from this very large park. Well, they invited the fire department's staff upstairs for lunch and my hubby left his corned beef sandwich in the fridge and went upstairs. He could not believe the set-up they had...all kinds of cook tops set up. He also could not believe the elaborate lunch spread and went into detail, telling me how moist and tender the chicken cutlets were and how delicious some of the desserts were. They had everything from soup to nuts, and lots of vegetarian dishes too.

    So, I asked him if he got to meet or even see the show's stars, Dylan McDermott or Toni Collette, and he said he didn't remain upstairs after he ate. Shoot! I wish he'd call me b/c I would have made up some excuse to come down and see them, um, him.

    He's very non-plussed by celebrity sightings. He would recognize McDermott but would have no idea what the actor's name was.
    THey are filming Hostages! OMG. That can't be for this season. It must be next. Let's pick this up on the Hostages thread! I want to know more! I'm a celebrity hound. lol
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by Debb70 View Post
    THey are filming Hostages! OMG. That can't be for this season. It must be next. Let's pick this up on the Hostages thread! I want to know more! I'm a celebrity hound. lol
    Haha, Debb, I knew you would comment on this post as you've mentioned elsewhere that you are a celebrity hound. I stopped watching Hostages after about 2 episodes, even though I really like McDermott and Collette. IDK why but I just kept falling asleep. I guess it did not hold my interest. Anyway, the park is Eisenhower Park and it is in East Meadow, NY.
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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    pikachu Have fun whatever you decide.
    I'm excited for you and want to hear more if you want to share.

    I think when people ask that question "What is your ideal date?" They are looking for common interests or advice. Ask the question back to him and see what he says.
    I'm shy so this may not work for you but, I would suggest a date with some fun activity such as a sporting event, outdoor activity, picnic, museum. So that you both have something else to watch or do besides just concentrating on the other person. There will always be a time for a quiet date if it moves to that next step. I always hated first dates where the focused was just on me and him. I always found that people are more truthful, easier to talk to and more relaxed when you are involved in an activity. Parties are okay but you know that you are both the center of attention when you walk into a room as a couple. Just my opinion.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Scarlet View Post
    The only problem with that is that when a man asks a woman out on a first date, the woman hears: "I find you interesting (or attractive) & would like to get to know you."

    When a woman asks a man out on a first date he hears: "Hi there, I'm easy! And I've got the hots for you!"
    I have given thought to what you have said. I do agree with your first statement, completely. Statement #2....maybe not entirely. Men, being the fairly simple, non-complex creatures that they can be....I can see them going one of two ways. The first would/could be like you say; the second could be that they'd be flattered to be asked. If you happen upon the cretin with the first mindset, then better you should know, out front. At any rate, I think it's important that the woman set the tone for the date as to what is acceptable and going to happen, and what is not. We can't control what other people choose to think, but we can control our response to it....spoken responses AND unspoken. Better to know what/whom you are dealing with sooner, rather than later.

    In this day and age, I don't see anything wrong with inviting a gentleman on an outing.....be prepared to pay, and make it easy on yourself! Keep it simple.
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    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

    When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, you know which one you hit by the one that yelps!

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by pikachu View Post
    What do guys like to do on dates? I'm finally having a guy show interest in me and he asked me what my ideal date was. I didn't really have an ideal scenario so I rattled off some of the typical date things (go to a movie, go out for drinks, go to a park to take a walk or feed the ducks, etc). He kept repeating the question so I guess none of my answers appealed to him. What do people these days do on dates, and what particularly do guys like to do??

    I looked online and some suggestions were go to a museum to look at art or animals, go bowling, pretend you're a tourist and go to local attractions, go to local festivals.

    I think I might ask him about going to our local museum to see the animals, unless you all have some better ideas.

    I have learned that it's best to meet in public places and arrange to meet there in separate cars, at least until you get to know each other. Otherwise, if the date goes sour, it will be awkward to get out of the situation. Also, I would insist on separate checks if we went somewhere we had to pay. I don't think it's fair to have the guy pay for everything when both people are working. And if he pays for the date, he might feel that I "owe" him something at the end of the date.
    Well I will first say having some sort of common interests or ideas is important. So if this guy is striking some sort of common chord with you when you talk to him, I as an internet aunt will green light him initially. If he is just very very different, I would say do not waste your time.

    Romance is like a drug. And drugs can be good or bad for you.

    Lunches are great first dates. And letting them pay is perfect (at least on the first date there is no need to bring up money).
    The last word isn't really important in situations when nobody is listening.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    Also, back to my religious talk, who believes that Hell actually exists?

    As my family believes, there is no such thing as Hell. The only "Hell" is what we here on Earth create for ourselves.
    Hi Johnny. A while back I listened to a fascinating radio show that told the story of a very popular evangelical preacher when he came to the conclusion that there was no hell. You might find it interesting!!
    Heretics | This American Life

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    At one time Carlton Pearson preached heaven real and hell hot. I know this because his parents attended the church I went to and he came as an evangelist many times while I attended there. I know people who worked for him when he had Higher Dimensions Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    I just remembered a silly saying I heard somewhere about guys & dates:
    What's a guy's ideal date?
    Show up naked. Bring food!

    It's just a joke, pikachu, so I'm not recommending you try it.
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    "Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get."

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quick question - would Iranian-Americans count as Asian-Americans since Iran is technically in Asia? I'm curious to know, for something.

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    Re: FORT Koffee Klatch

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    Quick question - would Iranian-Americans count as Asian-Americans since Iran is technically in Asia? I'm curious to know, for something.
    I wouldn't. People of Middle Eastern descent generally aren't considered Asian-Americans (Iranians, Lebanese, Syrians, etc.)

    Here's what wikipedia says:

    Asian Americans are Americans of Asian descent. The U.S. Census Bureau definition of Asians refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent. It includes people who indicated their race(s) as "Asian" or reported entries such as "Chinese", "Filipino", "Indian", "Vietnamese", "Korean", "Japanese", and "Other Asian" or provided other detailed Asian responses.
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