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Thread: FORT Koffee Klatch

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    Quote Originally Posted by myrosiedog View Post
    We get the Kohl's commercials, but we have no Kohl's within a 2 hour drive of us. I wish we did. I would love to check it out.
    We had Kohl's commercials for about four years now. We're finally getting one that will be open in the fall. It was the same drill with Burlington Coat Factory. I think they advertise to get embedded in your brain before outlaying cash to actually open a store.

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    No Sonics around here, but I really wish there was one, the drinks look wonderful.

    I like Target for some things, never step foot in Walmart, I pretty much go to Meijers for everything.

    Illegal fireworks were going off well into the early morning hours last night, even though it started to rain on and off. It's been going on for about a week. There is some really loud stuff out there. Guys used to throw firecrackers were I lived growing up too. I know one guy was holding one when it went off, he ended up losing a finger and his hand was badly scarred, but he kept messing with firecrackers. Some people's gene pool needs a little cholrine if you know what I mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    We don't have a Target here so I have to go to Walmart unless I want to drive into Omaha. I do end up stopping on the way home from work sometimes though. I'm all excited because we are getting a Sonic.

    I LOVE Sonic and when we got ours, we ate there almost everyday. Now if I see a sonic hamburger or cheese fries, I want to gag.

    Sonic is so cool. LOVE getting a "real" Cherry coke. (or as I usually get: diet coke with diet cherry. I know its not the "real" thing from my childhood, but it does have less calories)

    And I have a friend that used to work for them and she says they make their own onion rings. No frozen onion rings put in the deep fryer. They cut up onions and batter them and fry them. I am in love (still) with sonic onion rings! Oooh, may have to go get a cherry coke and onion rings today.

    Oh, Muduh, that poor girl. And lildago, we used to do the bottle rocket wars too when I was younger, but fireworks are so dangerous and my poor doggies have been sedated for almost 5 days now and they are SO scared (go see my posts in Pet Peeves concerning fireworks and dogs and stupid law loopholes that let you sell the damn things).
    Yes, I've also seen the result of drunks and firecrackers and my idiot husband used to shot bottle rockets off in his hand. He hasn't touched fireworks in years tho. He finally got it out of his system I guess. That plus he doesn't like it that the dogs shake uncontrollable and are scared out of their wits.

    I too prefer Target, but we have to drive farther to get to Target than to Walmart. Don't you know its all about the driving now? God forbid I have to actually drive anywhere.

    I am about Jaw Blots. I will remember that next time I go to Be Glots. Or as MY sister calls it: "Lots of Junk".
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    As fas as household cleaners, and especially laundry detergent, Wal Mart's prices still can't be beat. That's where I get all of my cleaners.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    We had the bottle rocket wars too, and I've heard of people having wars with Roman candles. Amazing that more people don't get hurt. I knew a girl in high school who ended up with a horrible scar on the bag of her calf and a permanent limp from someone throwing a cherry bomb at her. One year when I was working in the ER we got a man and his 7 year-old daughter in with bad burns. He was storing a ton of illegal fireworks in his basement and had an accident of some kind, I don't know what the heck he was doing down there. The blast blew his daughter out of the house into the front yard and burned the bottoms of her feet. I will never forget starting in IV in his foot because that was the only place that wasn't burned. We shipped them out to a burn unit and they both recovered, but he has the scars to remind him every day of what he almost lost. Whenever I see him around town I think of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002 View Post
    As fas as household cleaners, and especially laundry detergent, Wal Mart's prices still can't be beat. That's where I get all of my cleaners.
    me too. And cereal - I paid $1.68 for a box of Kellog's Raisin Bran in wallymart and the same box in Shop Rite (our local supermarket chain) was $3.79

    I love Target for clothes for my 7 year old. And I tend to buy my CD's there (unless I get them from BMG music club)

    Kohl's has good sales - I would never EVER pay full price for anything in Kohl's, because guaranteed within 2-3 days, it would be on sale. They are funny though, their regular prices are often much higher than other places, so their 50% off sales really only resemble say a 20% off in another store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002 View Post
    As fas as household cleaners, and especially laundry detergent, Wal Mart's prices still can't be beat. That's where I get all of my cleaners.
    I buy most of that stuff at Fred's Dollar Store. I like their prices and the convenience of running in, getting what I want and being out in less than thirty minutes. I can spend that much time at Walmart, looking for a shopping cart.

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    Even though we live in what is considered the country, we only have to drive between 9 to 12 miles and we have a Super Wal-Mart, Super Target, countless Dollar Generals, Dollar Stores and Dollar Trees at our finger tips. For just a few miles more we also have a Big Lots and soon to be opened Super HEB, Ikea and Outlet Mall.

    On the fireworks disasters, I had a black cat go off just as I started to throw it. My hand and fingers were numb for many hours after that. I have not touched a firework (except a sparkler for the kids and those scare me) since then. My daughter has a scar on her chest from a firework gone wrong. It was suppose to go straight into the air. We were all several feet away and what we thought was a safe distance. But the rocket instead of going into the air it went sideways and a spark flew into my daughters shirt. It burned through the shirt and left a minor burn on her chest before we could get it put out. Scared me too death, she is OK and it only left a minor scar. Needless too say, we are VERY far away from any fireworks now.
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    On the subject of dogs and fireworks....my aunt and uncle were visiting during the July long weekend many years ago. My uncle lit the fireworks with his lighter and, of course, the dogs were off like a shot. We didn't see them for a day or so (we lived in the country and while we were slightly worried, it wasn't unusual). Two years later, my aunt and uncle were visiting again and my uncle was outside about to have a cigarette when the dog takes off. I found him huddled and shaking in the box of our truck, scared to death at the sight of my uncles' lighter!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp View Post
    I love Target for clothes for my 7 year old. And I tend to buy my CD's there (unless I get them from BMG music club)
    Another good place for CD's is mymusic.com or deepdiscountcd.com DVD's go to deepdiscountdvd.com All great online places and they have old stuff too. quick delivery.
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