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Thread: Trouble Cancelling Services

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    Re: Trouble Cancelling Services

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2484589;
    Oh, when my father passed away I filled out one of those forms to cancel his mail and I tried to list all the items I could. When the agency/company/firm replied saying they had recieved my form they also told me that they could only do this for 5 yrs and then the subscriptions and what ever would start again. That statement threw me for a loop, what part of dead did they not understand?
    I feel your pain! I moved into my grandparent's house after they passed away. Two years later, my grandfather got a jury duty notice. I called the number and started to explain that he had passed away. They wanted a copy of the death certificate! I finally just said "Trust me, he won't show up for jury duty" and hung up.

    The utilities were also all in his name, but I eventually got them changed into my name without a lot of hassle. Aside from the water - that was a royal nightmare. I moved out of my grandparent's house five years ago and I spent HOURS with the water/sewer company trying to explain that I had been the one paying the water bill for ten years and that I wanted to transfer the service to our new house. I ended up paying a deposit but that $60 was well worth not having to deal with the stupidity.

    DirecTV has GREAT customer service. We actually don't dread calling them if we have a problem!
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    Re: Trouble Cancelling Services

    Quote Originally Posted by PK...;2484818;
    Well, it's obvious, Newfherder...

    You spent several hundred in cash to go to Canada (Montreal, no less) and back, just to gyp Capitol -One out of 82 bucks...
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    Re: Trouble Cancelling Services

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;2484689;
    If you have a service like Vonage and your power goes out, does the phone stop working too?
    Yes. I have a cell as backup here. It can only work if there is power, though (unless there's a trick that I don't know about).
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