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Thread: Where did you get your screenname?

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    FORT Fogey Glitternerfball's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Mine was from when I was at a job where I had a lot of downtime. I decided to get this co-worker I couldn't stand on American Idol (he was a bad singer, but obnoxious about how good he was - instead of doing the work he was supposed to he would photocopy music all day, call his friends, then ask for overtime to finish what he was supposed to do all day. He would sing whenever the bosses were gone and talk about his 'training' ad nauseum). I was thinking, 'what would be an obnoxious and long name to use in trying to get this guy out there' and came up with glitternerfball for some reason. I did get him hooked up with a group that was camped out and had a hotel, gave him horrible advice (go with the extra make-up, they're looking for someone EDGIER this year, the more like KISS you look the better ) and he did get a call-back, so was out of the office for a few days. Sadly, he did not make it to Paula and Simon or he would have been in the 'bad audition' segment - and out of the office a lot longer.

    BUT, in the end, I kind of thought glitternerfball had a funky ring to it, and when I signed up for this board - thought it would be good. This is the only place where that is my moniker.

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    Defying Gravity Jamie5632's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    I LOVE Jem! Thanks for the flashback!!

    Jamie is my first name and 5632 was the cashier number assigned to me at the grocery store I worked at in high school (okay, full confession: 56 was assigned to me, 32 was my pin chosen for a crush on the basketball team!) 14 years later, its still the easiest 4 digits for me to remember and is stuck on all ids everywhere, while "crush boy" is long forgotten, although his jersey number apparently lives in internet infamy.

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    Who Dat lildago's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    I had so much fun reading through this thread, I thought I'd bring it back!

    My dad is Italian (My grandmother came through Ellis Island.) and when I met my husband, he called me his little dago. So, I became lildago!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    FORT Fogey PGM35's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Round Rock, TX
    Just my initials and my age. I know I'll not be 35 next year but I couldn't think of anything else to use at the time so I guess I'll stay 35!!!

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    would rather be cruising! marybethp's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel
    Mine comes from the name of the archangel gabriel, because I always wanted it to be my name. and for those of you who might be wondering it is
    pronounced as gaybreeELL not gabreelle as in the girls gabrielle
    Oh no! I'm devastated! I thought your real name was Gabriel!!!!! Next thing you know, you'll tell me your name is John and I'll think you'll actually own this site and I'll be all confused.

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    Culture slut geek the girl's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    The deep, dark woods
    I got my screenname from a Lisa Germano song. It's a musical reference as well as a sort of summary of my personality. I've always been kind of geeky - geeky in a cool way, of course - and for a long time I saw it as a bad thing and wanted to change into something I'm not. Well, nowadays I'm totally at ease with the geeky side of my personality, and my screenname is a shoutout to all the geeky girls (and boys) out there, a way to say: hey, geeky is the new cool - revel in your geekhood and be proud!

    Gabriel - I can't believe that's not your real name! I've always thought of your screenname as your actual name; my world is turning upside-down
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    ~*Sawyer's Love slave*~ sydneysummers's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    The North Pole
    I got my screen name from two of my fave shows. I took the first name from Alias Sydney and the last name from BTVS Summers.
    *Maeby*"I drugged him not to go all the way with him"
    *George Michael*"I think even the antidrug people would be okay with that"

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    FORT Fogey just1paul's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Eastside Milwaukee
    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    Oh no! I'm devastated! I thought your real name was Gabriel!!!!! Next thing you know, you'll tell me your name is John and I'll think you'll actually own this site and I'll be all confused.
    As I typed there I WISH it was but my name is boring ol Paul Gerard ********
    - The Dean Martin Show -
    Petula Clark: You know they say you can't buy happiness.
    Dean Martin: No but you can pour it..


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    WHAT THE HECK!!! lol I can't believe that isn't gabriel's real name! lol (Thousands of FORTer's around the world are in shock and utter disbelief!)

    OMG double What the Heck! I can't believe I forgot I had already responded this post! heheehh I was reading up and like what! Another Jem Fan! Where?!
    Last edited by GlitterxGold; 10-14-2005 at 05:03 PM.

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    Premium Member Dinahann's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Small Town USA
    I can't believe I haven't read all the amazing tales about everyone's screen name before now. I love the stories.

    There's really no story to my screen name, it's just my name. I have had people say they read it as Dina Hann, but it's Dinah Ann. My email at yahoo is bitty_fat for my childhood nickname - I was 16 inches long and weighed 8 1/2 lbs when I was born. I've always loved it, and my hubby calls me that, but it's probably not the most flattering nickname so when I finally decided to quit lurking during AI2 I just used my real name.

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