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Thread: Yard Sales!

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Oh ! and AJ, don't bother going out and buying stickers to price your stuff. We didn't price anything but the big items. Instead of stickers I bought a roll of super sticky masking tape and wrote the price in permanent marker. It's sad to say but people will change price tags on you but they can't do that if there is no price tag or it's super sticky masking tape that rips as you take it off.
    Besides the masking tape was $1.56, I was looking at pricing stickers and they were $2.47 for 60.. the less you spend the more you profit.
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    Thanks Dux, I will hit Dollarama and find some of that stuff.
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    We had a yard sale last year and two things that really popped out to me were...... 1. Almost everyone tried to barter, although extra money is a bonus, our main purpose is to get rid of stuff so things are not over priced.
    2. An older ethnic lady came in and decided to buy a pair of almost new ladies shoes that were marked $2. She handed my friend (they were her shoes) a quarter, smiles, nods her head and walks away My friend looks at me hardly believing what just happened and tells the lady to come back. It took a good 10 minutes to get it accross to the lady they were not 25 cents. We wonder to this day if there really was a communication barrier or if it was being exploited to "get a deal."

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    that's hilarious ima! I probably would have taken the quarter just for the laugh.
    We had some negotiators but our prices were so low we mostly got hearty OK!'s
    My husband's tag line was .. the more you take the better the price gets
    He gave away a HUGE bag (bigger than a standard garbage bag) of Christmas decorations for $5. I frowned at him - he said what??? like you were gonna keep that?! LOL
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    We used to have yard sales, but the thrill is gone. After sitting out on the lawn every few years for 3 hours and making $30 I just want to give it to charity. My husband wants to borrow my lawn now to bring in stuff he's found in his apartment dumpster. Hmmm

    I prefer church sales myself. People have no attachment to stuff at those, they don't feel that "but I paid x so you must pay y", and I've found amazing stuff at church sales. Best buy is probably the two McCoy vases for 50 cents each (when they are valued at over $75 each). I've also got an amazing painting which I don't know the history of, but which looks quite valuable. To say nothing of the realms of enamel-ware, Berylware, Cornishware and Blue willow (obviously I've got a bit of a kitchenware problem!). Lately I've been buying lots of little mirrors with bevelled edges and flowers carved in the glass. They are beginning to pile up though as I'm too idle to hang them!

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    Good luck with it. I swore off having them after several bad experiences - nothing dangerous, just annoying, like the people who knock on your door at 6:00 a.m. (not kidding) to get a jump on your posted start time of 8:00 a.m. Another time a guy yelled at me for still setting up at 8:00 a.m., not being ready to sell at that time. But if you can make it to mid-morning, more normal people show up.

    One time we were doing a sale for charity with several posted signs that all proceeds were going to the red cross, so we were asking that no prices be bartered. I guess that was completely naive of me. I actually caught a lady stealing at that one. It's not like we were asking a lot, but no matter what price, people asked for less. I had a sign asking for $.25 per hardcover books and $.10 for paperbacks, and one guy spent an hour going through them only to walk away when I didn't want to barter it down to a dime and a nickel respectively.

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    I've done them twice in my life - never again.
    spent a couple days getting ready for the last one (last year?) -
    which means time off work. - I'm an independent contractor, so lost a ton of cash to just sit in the heat and rain and not make much.
    We took the leftover good stuff to a school 'neighborhood sale' and they were so grateful.

    Next time, waiting for one of those to come up and just giving it to them, Goodwill, or trash. I make a lot more $ when I work.

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    I think some of it depends on what you have to sell and the neighborhood you sell in. Not that that should make any difference.

    I helped with one my ex-BF family did in a low income neighborhood. Even though some of the stuff was interesting and very usable, and cheaper than air, the people who attended virtually had no money to buy anything anyway. It was frustrating to sit there and have nothing sell. So we packed it up and he took the lot to the dump, which was dumb because Goodwill or someone could have used a lot of it.

    I thought we should have just changed it to a FREE Yard Giveaway and gotten rid of everything as they really didn't care about the money in the first place!

    AJANE: Have some Bright Balloons to mark your yard or garage. It really attracts attention to drive-bys!
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    Oh, and don't put anything on HOLD. A lady actually asked me to do that.
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    I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than to do this again

    I"d rather stick needles in my eyes than have to do another yard sale. It rained for 3 hours yesterday, so we couldn't do the set up we wanted for todays start of the sale. Got up at 4 this morning and drug it all out. We did pretty well, got rid of over half of it and still have tomorrow to go too. But we are so tired and its so much work but I keep trying to tell myself that it will be less work next week when we actually move to get rid of as much as we can.
    I couldn't save myself now if the house was on fire I'm so tired.
    And I'm tired of dealing with people that want something for nothing.
    We didn't price stuff too high because we want to get rid of it, but my gosh, if it says a quarter, don't freaking offer me a dime. MOst people have been pretty good and didn't dicker over prices as we did price stuff to sell, but there was one woman that was so awful that I wanted to go up in price in bargaining with her. We sold a bunk bed with a futon bottom and twin top. The futon makes into a double bed on the bottom. We did not sell the twin mattress as we needed that. But the bed was practically brand new, in great shape and I had the comforter, throw pillows, pillow shams, matching garbage can, lamp, rugs, curtains and mosquito netting (that I had glued flowers and ribbons too to match all the other stuff that was flowered in my daughters room. The lamp I paid $30 for new and it was on clearance from $75. We set up the bed, set up all the room decor on it and had priced both the bed AND all the room stuff at $50 for the ENTIRE set which I thought was CHEAP. She tried and tried and tried and tried to get us to give it all to her for $20 and kept saying it was because we didn't have the mattress. Well, sorry. I'm NOT selling ALL of that for $20. I'm not selling the bed itself for only $20. Then she wanted us to throw in some things that she had picked up that I had 25 cents on. I wanted to just say: LEAVE, we do NOT need your business.
    She finally bought the bed only for $35 which I don't know HOW my husband got that out of her. Now I have all the room decor to get rid of. But we sold the sofas, dining room set, patio set and a bunch of my husbands crap, I mean tools and stuff. Made almost $300 so far and still have a riding mower with trailer and a washing machine left as big items and a bunch of other little stuff.
    I thought my husband would dance a jig when the sofas went. He's hated them since I bought them and we've had them 8 years. I am not allowed to buy furniture anymore by myself. LOL
    We got $40 for the dinette set that we got for free, so that was good. It was in very nice shape too.

    I have some plus size clothing that is in good shape, but I've lost a LOT of weight and in the past, that stuff sold well. But not any of it has sold this time. ANd I priced it at 50 cents a piece and still people want to give me a dime. Yes, its used clothing. But most of it is in excellant shape as I take care of my clothes and as I used to be a 3 and 4X size person, I don't think 50 cents is unreasonable for that size clothing. I didn't put out anything with holes or missing buttons or anything. Oh well, I'll give it away if it doesn't sell.

    And I have to do this tomorrow too. UGH! THIS. IS. THE. LAST. YARD. SALE. I. WILL. EVER. HAVE.!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean it. I'd rather donate it all to charity if I have to than to go through this again. It's just a lot of work, its hot as hades here (94 this afternoon with 100% humidity as it has rained too) and I'm tired of most people. Have met a lot of nice ones, but the few others have made it not worth it.

    At least I think what we have left will fit in the uhaul next week.

    At this point all I care about having up there is a bed. LOL!

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    LOL! Why do I have a feeling you're going to do this again one day (besides tomorrow, I mean)? You poor thing! But you made some money... and got rid of a bunch of stuff! Think about that and try to block out the memory of the super cheap people. You know--it's usually the people who HAVE money who dicker and hem and haw and want everything for free. That's the really annoying thing.

    I can't deal with garage sales. Especially in this heat and I'm sure I'd be too rude to people... So I just give everything to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and take a tax write off at the end of the year.

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