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Thread: Ulfmann's "too lazy to look things up" thread

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    Not that I really want to extend this thread any more...But I have had both DSL and Cable, and I like DSL better. I had Time Warner's Cablemodem (running on Roadrunner's fiber). Installation time was decent, and it was pretty fast, but not as fast as DSL, especially during "peak times" (when you're home from work or school, and everyone and their brother is on-line).

    Cable is run into a neighborhood, and imagine a water pipe. If you're the only one drawing water from the water pipe, you've got great pressure. But if all of your neighbors are also drawing water from that same pipe at the same time, your pressure sucks. That's how cable works.

    I got DSL about 2 months ago here (they finally offered it in my area), and I love it. They overnighted me the hardware, had an easy self-installation setup, and turned on my service about a week before they promised to. Speeds are excellent, and my service has only gone out once, for a 2-hour period of time one morning. And it's slightly cheaper than cable, compared to both of my experiences.

    Another plus is that I already had a phone jack wired into my office, but not a cable jack.

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    I know we're all about dropping this thread, but I have to add to John's comments and say how much I freakin' love my DSL. When I finally convinced the g/f to go with the DSL (it wasn't hard when I finally just did it behind her back and said something like, "Guess what, hon! The DSL equipment is here!"), we weren't so sure it was worth the extra money every month.

    Now, we would sacrifice just about everything else we had to before we cut the DSL.

    For more answers about DSL, try the Holy Temple of DSL sites:


    You may get what you need there, ULFMann.
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    I got cable, and like it, I get good speed too, about 350 Kps download and 175 upload. Had a guy I know order DSL and it took them three weeks to get it hooked up and all the bugs out of it and working. I got cable and they took 15 minutes to load it up and switch modems.
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    Well, Nothing is available in my area

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